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Update on time management


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Published in: Education
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Update on time management

  1. 1. BLOG POST CHECKLIST : • What are short films. • Short Film Wordle • Analysis of The Black Hole • Final Production Logo And How I Created It • Video Production Logo Draft One • Feedback on my production • final production logo and changes made • Analysis of Real Gone • Where do people watch short films? • How Will My Research Into Other Short Films Help Me With My Own Short Film? • Short Film Influence • Analysis of Crossbow • Analysis of The Tea chronicles • Analysis of The Pavement • Analysis of Booth Story • Analysis of Pool Shark • Analysis of Spider • Analysis of Room 8 • Analysis of Oscar’s Hotel • Analysis of Post it love • Analysis of Goodbye Mr Snuggles • First drama film & influence on short films. • How Will My Film Analysis Research Help Me In My Development Of My Short Film? • Form and style of short films. • Narrative techniques & examples. • Toddorov’s narrative theory research linked to short films. • Why is narrative so important? • Time line of short film history • How will genre help you create your film? • Are there different audiences for short films? YES. • Genre VS Narrative • Why is it important to have various story ideas? • Hypodermic Needle theory • Frietags narrative theory • Maslow's Hierarchy Audience Theory • Mood Board • Uses and gratifications theory • Two step flow theory • binary opposites • Narrative Idea’s • Short Story idea development 1 • Feedback on my On Short Story Idea Development One • Short story idea development 2 • Feedback on my On Short Story Idea Development Two • Short film Pitch • What do i want out of my feedback? • Changes Made Due To Short Film Pitch Feedback • Analysis of A man and his dog • Analysis of Feast • why is storyboarding important • Why are schedules important to film making? • Why are scripts important to film making? • Risk assessment important to film making • Importance of location rec. planning • importance of call sheets in production planning • budget planning importance • release agreement and planning importance • Why having a shooting script important • why a video logging is important • why are shot lists important • overhead diagram importance • storyboard example 1 • Storyboard feedback • final storyboard • grantt chart/schedule • first draft of script. • risk assessment • costumes and props research • Permission To Film Letter • Development of short story narrative.
  2. 2. • location recce’s • call sheet • budget • shooting List • location release • overhead diagrams • Camera Tests On Location • costumes/props checklist • Update on my target audience. • What are demographics and why do i need them? • What are psychographics and why do i need them? • Marley and Me target audience and My own target audience • Survey 1 for audience research • Update on time management • Video recording evidence of target research audience • Results of survey • Target Audience Profile • Blog Check, 13th November 2015 • Website Design Update • Filming Dates • Equipment booking • Short film title analysis 1 • Short film title analysis 2 • Short film title analysis 3 • Short film title analysis 4 • Title Analysis WITH CREDITS • My title targets • Update On Time Scale Planning • Update On Film Development (screenshot) • sound effect research ( • Sound Effect Checklists • My Chosen Actors • Sound Effects Used • Organising Film Dates With Actors • My Short Film Title Creation • Conclusion Of Short Film Title Analysis • Update On Blog Posts • Update On Time Scale Planning • Beginning Of Film Poster Research • Film Poster Analysis 1 • Film Poster Analysis 2 • Film Poster Analysis 3 • Conventions Of Film Posters (synergy) • Purposes Of Film Posters • Variations Of Film Posters • Genre Specific Film Poster Analysis - Frankenweenie • Genre Specific Film Poster Analysis - Marley and Me • Titles In Film Posters Analysis • Film Info On Film Poster Analysis (titles, release dates, actors, reviews, quotes, production info, social networking, awards and etc) • Tag Line Film Poster Analysis • Short Film Poster Analysis One • Short Film Poster Analysis Two • Short Film Poster Analysis Three • Short Film Poster Analysis Four • Short Film Vs Short Film Posters • What I Will Bring To My Film Poster From My Research • Magazine Film Review – Empire (background info) • Magazine Film Review -Sight And Sound (background info) • Magazine Film Review -Little White Lies (background info) • Why I chose Empire Magazine Review Influence • Layout Of My Film Poster Draft One • Magazine Film Review Research One • Magazine film review research two • Magazine film review research three • Magazine Film Review Target Audiences • General Design Conventions Of Magazine Film Reviews • Design And Layout Conventions Comparison Between Three Film Review Magazines • Different Types Of Magazine Reviews • Layout Conventions Of Magazine Film Review
  3. 3. • Draft Idea Layout And Design One • Draft Idea Layout And Design Two • Genre Of Magazine Reviews • Issues With Writing My Own Magazine Film Review • Specific Words Used In Magazine Film Review That Make It Stand Out As A Film Review • Magazine Publishers • Structure Of Magazine Reviews • Target Audience For My Magazine Film Review • Purpose Of Magazine Reviews • Development Draft Of My Film Poster (draft two) • Feedback Of My Development Draft Of My Film Poster • First try at writing a Magazine Film Review • Feedback Of Draft One Magazine Film Review • Update On Film Development • Draft One of Short Film • Research Into Making My Questionnaire • Film Screening • Film Screening Questionnaire • Film Screening Questionnaire Results • Review Of Results Of Film Screening • Final Film Poster • Evaluation Script draft one • Evaluation Script • Final Magazine Film Review • Final Short Film TO POST - • FEEDBACK • Time management • Evaluations Prep and making