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  • As has been explained the major part of my presentation is looking at how we have used technology to enhance teamwork and collaboration within our team. However to start I thought I’d mention some of the aspects that we feel help us to work well as a team. I am in no way going to stand here and say we are a perfect team however we are a team that is continually looking to improve and as you can see from the first slide, which contains some of the key terms and phrases that we feel are aspects of our team, we believe we have created a climate of growth where we are continually looking to move forward. As a department we have many similarities however in some ways we have differences especially in terms of our strengths and weaknesses. This is why we place such an importance on having a Positive, encouraging, supportive environment which makes people feel comfortable to try new things and work together to improve. This is often demonstrated in the use of technology where the department is extremely enthusiastic however some would claim to not be hugely confident in their use. We constantly support each other and try to help each other to move forward and improve for the benefit of our students We also feel that this mood of positivity stimulates individuals to contribute but without feeling pressurised or forced too. I’d also add that the team is not suppressed by a hierarchical structure or restrictive sense of pecking order. Everyone feels equally valued. I’d say we have clearly defined however many shared roles within a tihtly managed an clearly led dept. When we look at our team we look further than the department of 6 Our Wider team contains many additional staff who help with extra curricular clubs and contribute greatly to many aspects such as inter house events. We are fortunate in that the school as a whole place a high value on PE & Sport and that comes from the headteacher down. We all see the value Physical activity whether health related or sport can play in every students life. Having this support has meant we have been able to implement many of the ideas and initiatives we have.
  • To take the famous phrase “there is no I in team” however if I could pinch Vicky Pollard’s yeah but no but…. Our team is one that does allow the individual to flourish. I’d certainly back this up in the support and freedom I’ve been given in my personal interest in innovating using modern technologies.
  • As you saw on the first slide we feel that having a clear and shared goal helps us to stay focussed as a team A few years back we decided to re-visit this area and develop our own mission statement. We felt it important for us to consider what we are aiming to achieve as a department and came up with the following:
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  • This mission statement has center stage in our re-developed school gym/health and fitness centre
  • We also have a clear set of values that we look to embed within our students within the subject – these are values that we espouse to also D – Determination Y – Your Efforts F – Fun F – FulfilmentR – Respect Y – Your Fitness N – Never Say Can’t T – Teamwork A – Attitude F – Friendships
  • Now the major part of my presentation is about how we have used technology to enhance our teamwork
  • When looking at developing a successful team, we look at how technology can enhance our teaching and learning This can occur by making us more efficient so we are doing what we do best and not spending too much time on jobs that are important but take us away and sap our energy from the time we spend with our students Enhancing communication and collaboration are also areas that we feel technology has enhanced our department to improve the learning and learning experiences of our students
  • These are some of the tools that I’d like to talk about today. I included our email client Zimbra on the list as despite the fact that nearly everyone has email now, the shared calendar tool is one of the most valuable tools we have. Our PE fixtures, practices are shared to everyone that needs from admin staff to 5x60 officer. This ensures good communication. Staff can update via their iPhones and instantly update the PE calender for all to see. This saves time spent phoning, leaving notes for office ensuring everyone is aware of what activities are running throughout the week. Next, our department website…
  • This forms the central base for staff, students, parents and the wider community to access a wide variety of information about PE and School Sport As you can see from the very simple homepage, we have a host of links on the left together with our twitter feed in the centre-more on that later! The left hand side links allow access to GCSE, A Level and BTEC pages which contain lesson notes, links and podcasts created for them to access at any time. The schools’s moodle is also linked as video casts (vodcasts) are available there for students to access. Flipping the classroom-Kahn Academy-video lectures for homework-work in school We also have a video highlights page which links to our Youtube site named Dyffryn Taf PE TV Which brings me nicely onto our use of Social Media
  • Twitter has become an excellent tool for us within the department. Although the website has a latest news section. Updating it does become tedious and often due to time restraints it was not being done as often as we would like. Also due to the more advanced nature of the updating process I was looking for a simpler way to allow all staff to update the latest news section. This is where Twitter comes in. Most of the department now has the app on their iPhones and can update the department twitter feed from their phones wherever they are, on way back from fixtures, at the end of an alevel lesson… This feed is then displayed on our department homepage meaning students do not have to have access to twitter to see the news. We also created a facebook page that displays all tweets also. This means, results, fixtures, recommended reading can be uploaded when and wherever staff are-you never know when you are going to get a good idea! At the end of each week the tool is used to create a newsletter/newspaper of all the weekly tweets. This can be a good recap for everyone to see at the end of the week. After sign up this happens automatically and this paper can be shared with all…
  • Here’s an example of our paper from last week which includes a story we are extremely proud of with a student in year 12 representing Wales in an under 18 tournament in Madrid. If your eyes are good enough you can probably read the story the WRU ran with about Shaun Edwards being part of their coaching staff. You’ll be glad to hear they did lose to England mind-even if we have your best coach!!
  • In looking at easier and more efficient ways for staff to upload information and lesson notes for students, specifically within their examination subject teaching we have looked to the use of blogging. The ease of updating and relative simplicity makes it easier for staff to upload information for students to access Our Alevel students also receive their own blogs for them to post information and create collaboration and interaction
  • The schools adoption of Google apps for education has also meant effective collaboration using many of google’s tools Using google docs, we can create documents and access and edit them collaboraively. The spreadsheet above is a fitness testing unit we deliver. Using google docs staff can edit the spreadsheet from anywhere at the same time – gym, sportshall, classroom via laptops, ipads, iphones…. This unit leads onto student work within PSE lessons where they set themselves health and fitness targets for the future. Using google docs means we can share the document with the relevant teachers quickly and easily Maths….
  • The next slide shows a BTEC student assignment which has some marking by myself, the subject teacher. This can be shared back with the internal veryfyer within the department who can see my comments on the student work and what I have awarded. The student is also part of the process
  • You may have noticed on the department homepage links a link for something called audioboo Audioboo is a free tool that we use to create podcasts for the students to listen to before and after GCSE and Alevel lessons to further their understanding and enhance learning. We’ve had much positive feedback from them on this. Staff have the app downloaded on their iPhones and can create a “boo” or podcast and upload it within minutes-when created a tweet is automatically sent to inform students. This then obviously appears instantly on the school website, facebook page and will appear in the weekly newpaper
  • As I was preparing for this presentation I thought I’d query some of my colleagues on Twitter on “ what were their favored tools for teamwork”
  • Here are some of the replies I received from teachers in Australia, America and lecturer in the UK…
  • It sounds like a pitch for twitter but I must highlight how much of an excellent professional development tool it has been for me and now some of my school colleagues There might even be some new tools to pick up form the tweets you’ve just seen! I hope I’ve given a bit of an insight into how we function as a team and some of the modern technologies we use to work as effectively and efficiently as we can
  • Thank you
  • Team pres use

    1. 1. Similarities & Differences Encouraging/Supportive Environment Clearly defined Positivity individual & shared roles MotivationalWider Team Our Team Climate of Growth Not suppressed Visionary by hierarchical structure Clear Shared Goal Technology Hardworking 1
    2. 2. “No I in Team” Yes….But….“A Team of hardworking, visionary individuals whoare continuing to aim high, and enjoy working with pupils” 2
    3. 3. Shared Purpose/Goal 3
    4. 4. Shared Purpose/Goal 4
    5. 5. Shared Purpose/Goal 5
    6. 6. 6
    7. 7. Technology for Teamwork 7
    8. 8. Technology for Teamwork Enhanced Increased work Communication efficiency Why? Develop/Maintain Successful Team Enhance Teaching & Learning? Enhanced Collaboration 8
    9. 9. Zimbra – email, shared calendars Department Website Technology for Teamwork Podcasts/Vodcasts Blogging Social Media Google Apps for Education 9
    10. 10. Departmental Website 10
    11. 11. Social Media Staff 11
    12. 12. Departmental Website 12
    13. 13. 13
    14. 14. 14
    15. 15. 15
    16. 16. 16
    17. 17. 17
    18. 18. Departmental WebsiteCollab tools fav: google docs! We use docs,prezi, spreadsheet, transfer video files, andmake public to use on blogs, portfolio @syangman Collab student/teacher, teacher/teacher via Edmodo. #addcym on facebook & has blog. NGFL Cymru hosted teachmeets4wider collab. @rosiedavies 18
    19. 19. Twitter Feedback email and telephone calls still work well butfor me there is nothing quite like that face-to-face" contact - so Skype @DrAshCasey My vote would be for @edmodo for sure! @clarindabrown 19
    20. 20. Twitter - @dylanblainBlog - 20