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The Case for Tag Management


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Published in: Business, Technology
  • Tag Management serves Digital Marketers’ with advanced insights. See how an e-Commerce Site could implement 100 important tags and get insights here ->
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The Case for Tag Management

  1. 1. Tag Management An Emerging Digital Marketing Essential
  2. 2. Contents 2 • Brief overview of tag management • Benefits of tag management • Tag management solutions
  3. 3. 3 WHAT IS A ? TAG
  4. 4. Tag Management 4 A growing problem • Tags are also known as tracking pixels, beacons or JavaScript snippets • Embedded within webpages • Used by digital marketers for measurement purposes • Uses include web analytics, retargeting, personalization, advertising, affiliate marketing, email, Pay Per Click (PPC), and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) • Absolutely critical for many digital marketing solutions. For example, an analytics solutions may return no data without a functioning tag
  5. 5. Tags 5 Measuring digital marketing • Tags were once added, deleted and modified manually. • The number of tags and the number of digital marketing assets continues to increase in many companies • This has led to several problems
  6. 6. 6 IT Development Managing tags required IT development and deployment cycles
  7. 7. A Time Consuming Process 7 IT development could take weeks or months in some cases Wed Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Mon Tue Develop Request Prioritization Process Write Requirements Schedule Updates Assign Resources Design Pages Code Updates Code Review Unit Testing Regression Testing Schedule Deployment Thu Fri WedMon Tue Thu Fri WedMon Tue Thu Fri WedMon Tue Thu Fri Webpage Updated with Tag
  8. 8. Customer Experience Impact Malfunctioning tags can disrupt the digital customer experience 8
  9. 9. Changing Vendors Manual approach made it difficult to change 9 • A manual approach meant that companies often felt “locked in” to their digital marketing vendors • Vendor tags were manually embedded across numerous web properties • Made it more difficult to switch to another solution • Also made it difficult to test two different solutions
  10. 10. Tag Management Solutions Like a Content Management System for Tags 10
  11. 11. Enter Tag Management Simplification, agility, speed 11 • One of the most innovative new solutions in digital marketing • Makes it possible for digital marketers to add, change, and remove tags without IT assistance • Reduces errors and costs • Reduces complexity of tagging content • Reduces cycle time to make changes • Reduces tag malfunctions
  12. 12. 12 Now Considered Key to Success 87% of digital marketers cite tag management as a key to success. ! Source: Survey conducted by Tealium and Econsultancy in “The ROI of Tag Management” (2012).
  13. 13. 13 Significant Benefits
  14. 14. Tag Management Benefits Making the case • Qualitative Benefits • Ability to switch vendors (no “lock in”) • Faster marketing campaign cycle time • Ability to track sessions across domains • Opportunity to create custom tagging solutions that are vendor independent • Ability to integrate with existing CMS systems to ensure standardized taxonomy and alignment with metadata derived from CMS • Quantitative Benefits • Reduced cost of vendor deployments • Reduced cost of tag addition, modification, & removal • Value of more accurate data analytics 14
  15. 15. Vendors The vendor landscape includes these leading solutions • Adobe • BrightTag • DC Storm • Ensighten • IBM Digital Data Exchange • Impact Radius • Google Tag Manager • QuBit • Site Tagger • SuperTag • Tag Commander • TagMan • Tealium • UberTags 15
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