Snow Kidding


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Snow Kidding

  1. 1. Snow kidding Copyright © 2008 Post-Newsweek Media, Inc./Gazette.Net Contact Us | About Us | Privacy Policy | FAQ | E-Letters | Place Classified ad | The Gazette | 9030 Comprint Court | Gaithersburg, MD 20877 | main number: 301-670-2565, classifieds: 301-670-2500 Now Fri Sat 5-day forecast Search Maryland Community Newspapers Online 76° 86°/65° 83°/65° Traffic Advanced Search Montgomery Prince George’s Frederick Carroll Sports Politics Business Entertainment Speak Out Jobs Autos Homes Classifieds Snow kidding TOP JOBS Feb. 6, 2003 David Holzel Look! Its snowing. Electric Snow Melt Cables Gotcha. Waterproof Electric Heating Cable Thick means durability.Since 1930 In the last year or so, our area has suffered more unnatural calamities than anytime since the British sailed in and burned the White House CLASSIFIEDS Find Jobs in Your Area Jobs during the War of 1812. So no one can be blamed for being jumpy. Homes Jobs listings from thousands of websites in one simple search. Autos But snow? Merchandise Apartments This winter, Ive watched helplessly as Montgomery County perfected Legals the art of quiet hysteria. Before the first flake is even sighted, officials Heated Driveways Projects Visit us for Fast, Announcements Residential & Business Place an ad are falling all over themselves to shut down the schools. Is there a prize Accurate Quotes! SEARCH DIRECTORIES for being first? Weve had more snow days than Fargo. No wonder the Search all directories school year has to begin in August. No wonder test scores are falling. or pick a category below to search now For a child to learn something in class, the school first has to be open. Categories As far as I can see, communities are ready and willing to combat these insidious forces of precipitation -- maybe a little too willing. On my street, Ive seen the plows come by, once, twice, three times, until every last flake is piled up in a great wall at the entrance to my driveway. Then comes the salt. Long after most people have abandoned raining salt on their food -- because its bad for them -- the salt trucks continue to carpet bomb the streets until the snow has not only melted, but vaporized. And if it isnt salt, its sand. Some days theres so much salt and sand out there its like Dewey Beach, but without the spring breakers. This winter, the areas southern roots are showing. When I lived in Atlanta, the first hint of some untoward weather would unleash everyones inner Shermans march. Cars would go skidding off the roads. There would be a run on bread, bottled water and batteries. One warm, misty evening, I turned up at my synagogue for a congregational dinner. The greeter worried aloud that the turnout was going to be low "because of the weather." I wanted to shake her and say, "But there is no weather!" What will Montgomery County do if we have a few winters when it snows every week? Believe it or not, there are faraway lands where the weather is exactly like that. I grew up in one of these places: Michigan. And each year when the first snow fell, we found ourselves a little unsure. How hard should I apply the gas when driving in six inches of snow? How much do I really need to shovel? What are the chances my car will get stuck? (Note to SUV owners: small cars are easier for your neighbors to help push). By the second snow, it all had come back to us and we were going about our business as usual. If it all sounds farfetched, you may not believe that classes were canceled exactly once during all my years in school. Let me try to tie this together. This winter isnt over. And another is on the way. We cant let it all end in a salt-choked wasteland of dead vegetation, unused schools and untested children. We have to begin to live normally again. Otherwise the weathermen win. P.S.: This column will appear here the first week of each month. In case of snow, it will open two hours late. Send comments to of 2 8/7/2008 10:47 PM
  2. 2. Snow kidding of 2 8/7/2008 10:47 PM