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Crowd together overview_1.1


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This document outlines the features, benefits and uses of the free CrowdTogether website application. 

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Crowd together overview_1.1

  1. 1. CrowdTogetherCrowdsourcing Marketing Campaign Platform Twitter: @CrowdTogether
  2. 2. Why crowdsource?“People don’t want to consume passively; they’d rather participatein the development and creation of products meaningful to them.” - Alvin Toffler, The Third Wave
  3. 3. About CrowdTogetherCrowdTogether offers a free crowdsourcing platform that marketingmanagers, event promoters, and entertainers can use to activate andengage their community members.
  4. 4. All-in-one SolutionOpportunityUse crowdsourcing to turn your customer’s passion, enthusiasm and creativity into a marketing andpromotions campaign by giving them an entirely new way to connect with your brand.SolutionWith CrowdTogether’s free contest platform you can setup a fully branded, stand-alonecrowdsourcing campaign site and then invite your community of fans to participate.OptionsCrowdTogether’s platform offers a range of contest choices from apparel design and photo to audio/video. Powerful backend management tools give brand and marketing managers full control.ResultsCrowdsourcing engages and activates communities. Fans build a deep connection with your brandand a sense of ownership when you invite them to create and influence the products they consume.Enthusiastic participants become promoters by sharing your contest through Facebook and Twitter.RevenueCrowdTogether collects contact information for all participants and provides a complete database ofusers after each event. Brands can market directly to these qualified participants generating salesrevenue through this new marketing channel.
  5. 5. Social RecomendationsCrowdsourcing achieves strong activation from socialrecommendations and referrals.• When it comes to marketing products and services, the value of recommendations can’t be overstated. According to eMarketer, 68 percent of Facebook’s half-billion users are more likely to buy a product that has been referred by a friend, and Harris Interactive reports that 53 percent of people on Twitter recommend companies and/or products in their tweets, with 48 percent delivering on their intention to buy.Display ads pale in comparison to the activation achieved fromcrowdsourcing’s social recommendations.• Overall U.S. campaign performance norms for 2008 across DoubleClick image, Flash, and rich media campaigns are as follows: Display ads in the United States achieved a meager 0.10% click- through rate.
  6. 6. Sample Contest Page & Features Contest Features• Make your contest public or private• Customize the look and feel of your event page• Set contest rules• Direct people to your contest page with a unique URL• Moderate contest entries or break a tie• Spread the word with built-in Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, and other share buttons• Add a prize or other incentive for the winner• Full reporting package along with email database of contest participants• Downloadable design templates
  7. 7. Sample Submission Page & Features Contest Features• Participants share and promote their favorite entries using Facebook, Twitter and Email social media sharing widgets• Stimulate discussions with comment threads for each submission• Displayed rank and number of votes encourages users to campaign for votes
  8. 8. Sample Manage Contest Page & Features Contest Features• Manage every detail of your campaign with backend management tools• Approve or deny user submissions• Appoint multiple contest administrators to assist in campaign management• Approve or deny participant access
  9. 9. ContactRichard Spiegelp. 201.274.3348f. @CrowdTogether