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Looking For A Job In The Web Industry?


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Here's a presentation that Dan our Managing Director conducted about employment in the web industry.

Dan discussed various job roles like web designer, web developer & search marketer outlining what they do & what attributes they require.

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Looking For A Job In The Web Industry?

  1. 1. Looking for a job in the Web Industry? Presented by: Daniel Wilson, Managing Director
  2. 2. About DBG Technologies• Founded in 2001 by Daniel Wilson & Luke Jamieson while still studying at UniSA• DBG evolves with the industry as it grows• Our team is passionate about what we do• We Guarantee all our work• Concentrate on Website Design, Development and Search Engine Marketing• Team of 14
  3. 3. What does DBG do?• Simple Website Design• Custom Website Design• Content Managed Sites• Online Shopping / Ecommerce• Search Marketing• Google AdWords• Social Media Marketing• Web-Based Applications• Mobile Websites
  4. 4. Employment Opportunities• Many opportunities out there as our industry is very broad and growing• Have case studies / example work to show• Up to date and concise resume• Know your stuff – learn as much as you can• Do work experience with prospects• Look at Seek, CareerOne & MyCareer to see what skills are being sought after.
  5. 5. Job DescriptionWeb Designer• Ability to create Web Design concepts from scratch to clients requirements• Creative mind• Website template creation• Image & photo editing• General HTML coding & content addition• Software: Dreamweaver & Photoshop skills
  6. 6. Job DescriptionWeb Programmer• Good with numbers & problem solving• Logical brain• Ability to work in multiple programming languages• Good team participation skills• Excellent communication skills• Ability to work on a problem until solved• Software Knowledge: Microsoft Visual Studio, Dreamweaver or alternate editor
  7. 7. Job DescriptionSearch Marketer• Perform keyword research and analysis• Perform website reviews & testing• Setup link building strategies• Ability to analyse website data• Knowledge of Google AdWords• Report, analyse and track effectiveness of campaigns• Knowledge of Google Tools, Online Marketing Tools, Yahoo Site Explorer and more.
  8. 8. Personal Requirements• Ability to learn & adapt with the Internet• Programmer – logical• Designer - creative• Search Marketer – creative / logical• Good communication skills• Ability to work alone or as part of a team• Ability to keep deadlines• Able to plan and organise projects• Strong organisation skills• Ability to handle multiple tasks
  9. 9. Education & Training• University: Design and Programming Courses• TAFE: Web Design Courses• Online: Many websites to learn from• Conferences: Local and interstate• Seminars: Enterprise Adelaide, Local Council, Businesses - look out for and attend• Reading: Read books, blogs and sign up for E- Newsletters
  10. 10. Finally, the Summary• Invest in your own knowledge & education• Read books and online journals• Learn & perform a wide range of skillsets• Be outgoing, flexible and creative• Gain experience – work experience, create a portfolio, volunteer work for organisations, setup websites for family and friends businesses, anything that showcases your skills.• Ask questions - learn from everyone you can!
  11. 11. Questions?Level 1, 38 Payneham Road, Stepney Phone: 1300 723 618