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Rs 1-xi the joy of learning


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Yuvakbharati Std XI in Maharashtra contains a wonderful story by Jacqueline D Cross. Diwakar Ganjare has compiled and prepared a PPT, a humble way to enjoy the same.

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Rs 1-xi the joy of learning

  1. 1. The Joy of Learning • The narrator of the story is a mischievous girl of fourteen who is the worst nightmare for every teacher in the school
  2. 2. Everything changed when Mr. Kaplan began to teach in classroom. He was young and handsome wearing jeans and v-neck sweater.
  3. 3. Mr. Kaplan let his pupils enjoy a lot of fun. He jumped on his desk to invite the attention of his pupils.
  4. 4. He was cool but he had a look in his eyes which said ‘Don’t mess with me.’
  5. 5. Mr. Kaplan taught social studies with passion and made the class interesting with his enthusiasm and ideas. There was a pin drop silence in the class.
  6. 6. He made pupils to imagine the past events in History and find joy in learning with their active participation.
  7. 7. He made the students lie on the floor, move closer to feel discomfort, heat and cramp. He made them aware the agonies of the slaves being transported to America.
  8. 8. Mr. Kaplan taught without books and tedious tests but he made his pupils to learn and feel that all subjects are important in the journey of life. • It went on day after day, week after week experience.
  9. 9. Matching Actions and Experiences • Standing on desks. • Fighting war with paper rifles. • Dressed for • Crossing the high seas. • Civil war in America. • Signing the Declaration of Independence.
  10. 10. Making to imagine crossing the high seas Standing on desks Crossing the high seas
  11. 11. Making to imagine fighting the Civil War Fighting war with paper rifles Civil war in America
  12. 12. Making to imagine the signing of the Declaration of Independence Dressed for Signing the Declaration of Independence
  13. 13. Mr. Kaplan was the best teacher. He made history real and memorable. But the school management fired him because he did not stick to curriculum.
  14. 14. All the students and parents protested. • Mr. Kaplan taught his pupils about the power to change and ability to affect others. • At last, Mr. Kaplan took a job in a new charter school. • Everybody was in tears for his lifetime gift : the joy of learning.
  15. 15. It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge…
  16. 16. The End
  17. 17. Thanks Compiled and presented by- Diwakar B. Ganjare Writer & Editor ‘YuvakBharti’ Std.XII English