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Espanya comic

  1. 1. Dangerous socks in Hull
  2. 2. Once upon a time there was a man who wanted a hula hoop, but he didn’t have enough money to get it. So he decided to ask his boss to get a rise. Umm...I want a Hula Hoop...
  3. 3. He asked his boss, who was the most popular chef, to get a rise. But his boss refused the proposition because he thought that he was very lazy. No! You are so lazy! I need a rise because I want to buy a Hula Hoop
  4. 4. One night when he was going to the restaurant, he saw a pair of socks on the ground. Then he took the socks. He went to the restaurant very angry because he remembered the conversation that he had with his boss. Umm...What can I do with this pair of socks?
  5. 5. When he arrived at the restaurant he saw his boss cooking at kitchen and he decided to kill him with the socks and steal his money to buy the hula-hoop.. I want your ugly, I want you diseased..... Now, you are going to know who I am
  6. 6. He was very happy because he got the money that he ned to buy the hula-hoop. Now he was going to buy it. Oh yeah! I’ve found 10000£
  7. 7. During the walk, he made a stop to do something very intimate ( you know what are we talking about...wee-wee), so he saw a very big tree where he could do it. Suddenly, a ranger appeared, and shout the assassin to stop to do it. What do you think you are doing man? You are a pork Leave me alone or you are going to be sorry about it
  8. 8. Then the assassin turned angry and started to follow the ranger who didn’t know what was going to happen next so he started to run. Stop right now!! Pleaseee!! Come here!!
  9. 9. The assassin killed the ranger with the pair of socks and he went to buy the hula-hoop. Ohhh yess!! Today has been a good day I think I dead....
  10. 10. Finally he got his precious and lovely hula-hoop. At the end he was happy but after this pleasure moments he was caught and arrested by the police. This is my Hula Hoop, but...I can’t see it, can you?