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Assholes are killing your project (OuterConf)


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Published in: Business, Technology

Assholes are killing your project (OuterConf)

  1. Assholesarekillingyourproject
  2. Its all about barriers to entryWikipedia: Smokefoot
  3. Community is criticalReputationContributorsResults
  4. Your ability to get resultsdepends on your community.
  5. What makes a great community?Assholes The bestMost of us
  6. Ubuntu launchesOhlohProto-assholes startreceiving complaintsAssholes removed
  7. OhlohDrepper inactiveMove to Git
  8. What isnt an asshole?Conflict is good
  9. What is an asshole? A simple testAfter talking to the asshole, does the target feeloppressed, humiliated, de-energized, or belittled?
  10. What is an asshole?Look forpatterns
  11. How many goodinteractions doesit take to cancelout one bad one?Sutton
  12. Sutton
  13. Sutton
  14. Sutton
  15. Sutton
  16. FightFlickr: undergroundbastardMen tend toPearson & Porath
  17. FlightFlickr: noeluapWomen tend towardPearson & Porath
  18. TCA: Total Cost of AssholeTeam leadDeveloper relations teamProject leadershipRecruiting & training new developersTargets & witnesses__________________Total Cost of Asshole++++Sutton
  19. Problems assholes cause to targets● 48% decreased their effort● 47% worked less time● 38% dropped their quality● 66% declined in performance● 80% lost time worrying● 63% lost time avoiding● 78% became less committed● 25% quit; 20% of witnesses quit!Sutton
  20. Cascadingeffectsamplifythe problemFlickr: wsdot
  21. Problems assholes cause to projects● Reduced innovation & creativity● Reduced cooperation & cohesion● Cost of targets retribution toward project● Impaired cooperation from external projects & people● Impaired ability to attractthe best & brightest● Recruiting more assholesSutton
  22. An asshole is incompetentFlickr: escapo
  23. Dealingwith assholesa.k.a.How to steelyour spineFlickr: AdmlCrunch
  24. How do you fix it?Flickr: trp0
  25. Flickr: kalandrakas
  26. Flickr: hashir
  27. How do you prevent it?Flickr: redefyne
  28. Flickr: koenvereekenBe quantitative
  29. Flickr: mount_otzProvide expectations
  30. In the long run,dealing with assholesis never worth it.
  31. Want to learn more?Read these
  32. Donnie Berkholzdberkholz@redmonk.comTwitter/IRC: dberkholz