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13 Personality Traits Of A Horrible Employee


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Let’s face it, we all have been around (or have been) someone in a workplace who just doesn’t want to be there. You can see right off the bat what type of traits disengaged employees have just by talking to them in the office for a bit. Now, by definition disengaged employees are people who don’t care for their company and have no intention of helping it grow; so they can be quite harmful if they’re within your office.

If you’re looking for a couple of personality traits for these type of colleagues have, Officevibe narrowed it down to these:
1. Constantly Complaining
2. Make Excuses
3. Lack Enthusiasm
4. Doesn’t Help Others
5. Gossip
6. Lying
7. Know-It-All
8. Independent
9. Irresponsible
10. No Initiative
11. Lacks Curiosity
12. No Growth
13. Distracted

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Deisgned by Benoït Tanguay & Elodie Ascenci

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13 Personality Traits Of A Horrible Employee

  2. COMPLAINS Bad employees are always complaining, and nothing is ever good enough for them. 1.
  3. MAKES EXCUSES Bad employees never take responsibility for their actions and always find an excuse. 2.
  4. LACKS ENTHUSIASM When a new task or project comes up, this employee is always the least excited. 3.
  5. DOESN’T HELP OTHERS They’re always saying “It’s not my job”, and are never willing to go above and beyond. 4. NOPE.
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  7. GOSSIPS Gossip destroys morale and the team dynamic, and creates cliques within the company. 5.
  8. LIES An employee that lies and makes up stories is really dangerous for the team. 6.
  9. KNOWS-IT-ALL Bad employees act like they know everything and are too good for whatever you have to say. 7.
  10. WORKS ALONE Bad employees are set on working alone. You need collaboration to thrive as a team. 8.
  11. IRRESPONSIBLE Bad employees often miss deadlines, are late for work, and break their promises. 9.
  13. SHOWS NO INITIATIVE Good employees take initiative, whereas bad ones just stand around waiting to be told what to do next. 10.
  14. DOESN’T ASK QUESTIONS Bad employees aren’t willing to ask questions and learn new things. 11. NOPE.
  15. DOESN’T GROW They don’t invest in themselves to become better people and grow within the company. 12.
  16. GETS DISTRACTED Good employees know how to stay focused, and bad employees are easily distracted. 13.
  17. DOESN’T SUPPORT A GOOD COMPANY CULTURE Any employee that’s not willing to improve the company culture should be let go, because they will bring down the rest of the team. 14.
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