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10 Engagement Lessons Learned From 1 Million Survey Answers

  2. Engagement is hard.
  3. Dan Benoni CEO & COFOUNDER Biggest Engagement Pitfalls2 10 Actions To Improve3 1 How to Be A Better Leader THIS SESSION WILL TEACH YOU:
  5. Imagine a boat race… TeamBlue • 10arerowing TeamRed • 2arerowing • 6aresleeping • 2aretryingto
  6. Who will win?
  7. 25% engaged 20% actively
 disengaged 55% disengaged Gallup’songoingsurveyoftheAmericanworkplace, Average workplace
  8. Pagetitle $500,000,000,000 wasted/year 75% disengaged
  9. CorporateLeadershipCouncil: TowerWatson: Accenture: 202%fromGallupResearch HighEmployeeEngagement leadsto... +87% Employee Retention +16% Profitability& Productivity 2x Customer Loyalty
  10. Pagetitle measured? “Engagement”… can it really be
  11. Pagetitle measured? “Engagement”… can it really be
  12. 10 Metrics of Employee Engagement Recognition Feedback Happiness Personal Growth Satisfaction Wellness Ambassadorship Rel. with Managers Rel. with Colleagues Company Alignment
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  16. Highlight insights2 Actions to take3 1 Define For each of the 10 employee engagement drivers…
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  18. Let’s start.
  19. Learned From 10 Essential 
 Employee Engagement Lessons 1 Million Survey Answers
  20. “The acknowledgement of a job well done.” Recognition EMPLOYEE RECOGNITION
  21. of employees feel like they don’t get enough praise. % 65 Recognition
  22. “How often should you be praising employees?” Recognition
  23. You should be praising at least once a week. According to Gallup: Recognition
  24. How often do you usually get praised? Never 9% Every quarter 26% Every month 38% Every week 27% PRAISING FREQUENCY Recognition
  25. COST OF RECOGNITION = ? Recognition
  26. Do you think it’s better to give praise, or buy someone a gift? 82% 18% COST OF RECOGNITION Give praise Buy someone a gift Recognition
  27. 3 Simple (& Free) Ways to Recognize Send a personal email2 Write a “thank you” post-it3 1 Highlight them at the next meeting …formoreideas YOUR TO-DO Recognition
  28. Get Great At Employee Recognition Get The Guide Read this guide to learn everything you need to know about employee recognition
  29. Feedback “The ongoing exchange of information to improve performance.” EMPLOYEE FEEDBACK
  30. of employees have to wait more than 3 months to get feedback from their manager. % 35 Feedback
  31. Do you think receiving feedback regularly is a good thing? 96% 4% FEEDBACK FREQUENCY Yes! No Feedback
  32. On a scale from 0-10, how valuable is the feedback you receive? FEEDBACK QUALITY 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Not valuable at all Very valuable Feedback
  33. On a scale from 0-10, how valuable is the feedback you receive? FEEDBACK QUALITY of employees think the quality of the feedback they receive could be improved. % 65 Feedback
  34. 4 Tips For A Better Feedback Loop Follow the 3x3 Rule. Be Specific & Honest. (3 specific praises & 3 opportunities to improve) 3 Use employee feedback platforms4 2 Ask for permission (I'd like to give you some feedback about ___, is that okay with you?) YOUR TO-DO 1 Feedback Culture + Structure (1-on-1s, OKRs, Weekly Checkins) Feedback
  35. Give Better Feedback Get The Guide Learn how you can start giving more meaningful feedback to your team.
  36. “Feeling pleasure or contentment, 
 at work & at home.” EMPLOYEE HAPPINESS (≠ ENGAGEMENT) Happiness
  37. Someone might be happy at work, 
 but that doesn’t necessarily 
 mean they are working hard and 
 productively on behalf of the organization. While company game rooms, ping-pong and Friday keg parties are fun—and may be beneficial for other reasons—making employees happy is different from making them engaged. “Kevin Kruse Happiness
  38. of employees leave work feeling “unhappy and drained” every day. % 25 Happiness
  39. On a scale from 0-10, how happy are you at work this week? 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Very unhappy Very 
 happy Happiness
  40. On a scale from 0-10, how happy are you at work this week? of employees are feeling 
 ‘very unhappy’, ‘unhappy’ or ‘neutral’ at work. % 75 Happiness
  41. 3 Biggest Pitfalls of Employee Happiness Be Data-Driven3 2 Employee Happiness ≠ Perks YOUR KEY TAKEAWAYS 1 Employee Happiness ≠ Engagement (Focus on the commitment to the organization) Happiness
  42. Personal Growth “Having enough skill mastery, autonomy and purpose to evolve in your career.” PERSONAL GROWTH *inspired by Drive, by the author Daniel Pink.
  43. Personal Growth of employees don’t believe there are significant 
 career advancement opportunities for them. % 57
  44. Personal Growth MASTERY: of employees haven’t improved their skills significantly in the past year. % 53 AUTONOMY: of employees feel like they don’t have enough autonomy % 42 PURPOSE: employees are either indifferent or don't know much about their company's mission. % 25
  45. 3 Steps To Improve Personal Growth Set a clear vision & mission (Purpose) (Remind it every month, make it memorable and visible) 3 2 Focus on freedom (Autonomy) (Avoid micro-management, use OKRs, empower employees with goals) YOUR TODO 1 Invest to in continous learning (Mastery) (Training, online course, etc) Personal Growth
  46. Satisfaction “Contentment regarding salary, benefits, work conditions & clarity of expectations.” EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION
  47. Satisfaction of employees don't see themselves working at their company one year from now. % 15
  48. Satisfaction of employees are not satisfied with the benefits package that they have % 50 of employees don’t think they are paid fairly for their work % 33
  49. My colleagues 40% Learning 38% Benefits 12% Pay 10% Satisfaction Which of the following is most important for you at work?
  50. 3 Simple Hacks To Improve Satisfaction Use an Anonymous Feedback Platform (Every employee has a piece of the solution to improve satisfaction) 3 2 Focus on Small Wins (Simple solutions are often the best ones) YOUR TODO 1 Clarity Expectations (People love clear challenges) Satisfaction
  51. “State of being in good physical and mental health.” EMPLOYEE WELLNESS Wellness
  52. 60of employees notice that their job is taking a toll on their personal life. % Wellness
  53. of employees are either constantly sleep-deprived or tend to lack some sleep. % 42 of people consider themselves stressed at work. % 48 Wellness of employees take work home to complete % 71
  54. Wellness 3 Cheap Employee Wellness Initiatives Stop offering sodas (Yup, sodas are THAT bad) 3 2 Offer Free Fruits (Use online services for office snack deliveries) IDEAS 1 Monthly Healthy Potluck (Paper with 2 columns: name + what people bring)
  55. Ambassadorship “The pride employees have for their work & their likeliness to recommend 
 the organization.” AMBASSADORSHIP
  56. 59of employees wouldn’t recommend their organization as a good place to work. % Ambassadorship
  57. Ambassadorship 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Very Unlikely Very 
 Likely On a scale from 0-10, how likely are you to recommend this organization as a good place to work? Why? ENPS® (EMPLOYEE NET PROMOTER SCORE®) 18Average eNPS Detractors Promoters
  58. 3 Tips To Improve Ambassadorship Share the Results & Involve Employees (Transparency is key) 3 2 Analyze Qualitative Results (Analyze the “Why” of your reasons) YOUR TODO 1 Know What Your eNPS Is (You can only improve what you can measure) Ambassadorship
  59. 35of employees wish their manager communicated more frequently with them. % Relationship with Managers
  60. Relationship with Managers of employees never spent time with their managers outside of work % 38 of those say they’d like to spend more time with their manager. % 68 Have you ever spent time with their managers outside of work? If not, would you like to?
  61. Relationship with Managers 3 Tips For Better Relationships with Managers Encourage Informal Gatherings (Opportunities for managers and employees to connect) 3 2 Have Regular One-on-Ones (Make it about the employee. Listen a lot.) YOUR TODO 1 Collect Feedback through Pulse Surveys (Guessing what employees want is always a bad idea)
  62. Become A 
 Better Leader Get The Guide Read this comprehensive guide on how to be a better leader for your team.
  63. 37of employees don't think they have enough social interactions with their colleagues. % Relationship with Colleagues
  64. 62of employees eat alone at their desk and work during lunch hours % Relationship with Colleagues
  65. How To Build Better Colleague Relationships (Help employees remember names easily) 3 2 Promote Social Events (No need to be fancy) IDEAS 1 Encourage People To Lunch Together (It’s tough to know your colleagues if you never talk to them) Relationship with Colleagues .io
  66. “How well employees know the values & mission of the organization, and if they align themselves 
 with them.” COMPANY ALIGNMENT Company Alignment
  67. 38of employees don’t believe their company’s core values align with their personal values. % Company Alignment
  68. Company Alignment 33of employees say that they aren’t reminded of the mission often enough. %
  69. How To Boost Company Alignment Focus on the Onboarding (Employees are more receptive at that moment) 3 2 All-Hand Meeting Mission Reminders (Use events to remind employees of the mission) IDEAS 1 Make Your Values Visible (Reception Wall. Shirts. Mouse pads. Be creative.) Company Alignment
  70. So what did we learn here? Focus on the right metric2 Tools to improve engagement3 1 Start by measuring
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  73. Data is 
 your friend.