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Academie St. John Parent Taught Driver Education Course                                     Classroom InstructionTOPICS   ...
Academie St. John Parent Taught Driver Education Course                                   Classroom Instructioninsurance r...
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  1. 1. Academie St. John Parent Taught Driver Education Course Classroom InstructionTOPICS BOOK/MEDIA PAGE VIDEOS AND HANDBOOK QUESTIONSModule Eleven Consumer midtnautos Vehicle OwnershipClassroom Instructional Phase Texas Drivers 1. What should you do if you damage an unattended Handbook vehicle?11.1.1 Vehicle Use and Ownership p 11-2 If you are operating a motor vehicle that collides with and(A) Recognize immediate and long- damages an unattended vehicle, you must immediatelyterm responsibilities and obligations stop and; a. Locate the operator or owner of the unattended vehicle and give that person the name and address of thefor using and owning a vehicle operator and owner of the vehicle that struck the unattendedincluding vulnerable roadway users vehicle; or b. Leave in a conspicuous place in (or securely(B) Create a personal needs attach in a plainly visible way to) the unattended vehicle a written notice giving the name and address of the operatorassessment for selecting a new or and the owner of the vehicle that struck the unattendedpre-owned vehicle 2. When are accident reports required?(C) Describe and perform a pre- If you are involved in a crash and the crash is not p 11-3 investigated by a law enforcement officer and the crashpurchase/lease inspection of a new resulted in death or damage to the property of any oneor pre-owned vehicle person to an apparent extent of $1,000 or more, you must(D) Consider the costs associated make a written report of the crash and must file the writtenwith purchasing, leasing, and owning report with the Texas Department of Transportation not later than the 10th day after the date of the crash. The writtena new or pre-owned vehicle including report must be on the appropriate form approved by themonthly payments with interest Department.11.1.2 Vehicle Insurance HowTo Recognize the benefit of requiring Vehicle InsuranceTexas drivers to be financiallyresponsible for death, injury, orproperty damage that they maycause while operating a motorvehicle(B) Summarize types of coverage forthe eight categories of vehicleinsurance(C) Know the appropriate steps to filean insurance claim(D) Describe the factors forestablishing and reducing vehicleTexas Drivers Handbook 1
  2. 2. Academie St. John Parent Taught Driver Education Course Classroom Instructioninsurance rates(E) Discuss reasons individuals havevehicle insurance denied or revoked11.1.3 Environmental Protection Nana411play4u Litter Prevention Texas Antilittering Law(A) Define littering(B) Explain the Texas littering lawand the Texas Department ofTransportation’s litter prevention,“Don’t Mess With Texas” campaign(C) Describe health, community, andenvironmental impacts of litteringincluding analyzing the costs(D) List personal strategies to preventand reduce litter on roadways(E) Describe the emissions andpollutants emitted by motor vehiclesand evaluate the scope of theproblem in Texas and the community(F) Explain reduced-risk drivingpractices that conserve fuel andreduce pollution(G) Explain the personal and globalbenefits of conserving energy, litterprevention, reducing pollution, andrecycling11.1.4 Anatomical Gifts stuartfraser04 Analyze the benefits, importance Anatomical Giftsof organ, eye, and tissue donation(B) Describe the laws andprocedures for becoming an organ,eye, and tissue donorTexas Drivers Handbook 2