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Dakotas j paper

  1. 1. ZoologyA junior paperByDakota BarbourBarbour
  2. 2. Zoology is the study of animals with and without a backbone, from worms, insects, andmollusks to fish, birds, and of course, mammals. In general all zoology specialization involveswork with animals either in the wild or in a lab (zoology). Zoology has thousands of areas tospecialize in. You can have one focus or more than one. Many people pick there favoriteanimals to focus on but the best bet at a good job is if you have a wide variety of knowledge onmany animals (Willie Campbell). Also if you go to college for four years and then go to a zoo keeping school for anotheryear or two it will be easy to get a job at the zoo (Willie Campbell). If you are a zoologist in thefield you will have to live in living Conditions you are not used to like the heat of the desert orthe cold of the arctic. If you like a steady temperature you should stay in a lab. There are manyjobs that involve zoology like Zookeeper, Wildlife Educator, Researcher, and WildlifeRehabilitator and park ranger. The job I want is to be a zookeeper. A zookeeper’s role includes preparing meals, caring for animals, cleaning enclosures,monitoring and recording behavior ensuring the animals are healthy and training animals or aWildlife rehabilitator. Wildlife rehabilitators care for ill, injured and orphaned wild animals andrelease the animals back into their habitat. With ether of these I would like to work with bigcats, wolves and birds of prey I would love to help with the endangered wolves, big cats andbird. They are in my opinion the best animals but i will learn all I can on all animals.1Barbour
  3. 3. The big cats are the most powerful majestic animals I have ever had the privilege to see.I fell in love with them the first time I laid my eyes on them and it saddens me to no end to herehow they are endangered. As a zoologist I will fight for them. Poaching is one of the mainreasons for big cats like the tiger and the lion to be endangered. It makes me sick that they aredying just to be put on a guy’s wall. There are only 3200 tigers and 30000 to 100000 lions I know it seems like a lot but notto there past numbers. When I become a zoologist I will start as many breeding programs as Ican there aren’t enough. I want my kids and there kids to see them. Not read about how theywere in books. Tigers are the biggest cats in the world but the lions come a close second. Thelifespan of a tiger and a lion is (tigers) 16-20years (lions) 20-25 years. They should not be breed together even if the offspring are bigger and stronger thanboth parents. They are often sterile and they have many health problems due to geneticabnormalities. They are called ligers the result of a male lion and female tiger. They often havecancers and arthritis. They also have gigantism were they grow for most of there lives. A lot ofthem have to be put down as a result.2Barbour
  4. 4. The wolves are a proud and noble animal. They live in a group called a pack. It consistsof the two alpha wolves one male one female in the lead. There is a beta if something happensto the alphas the betas take over. Then the juveniles they scout and take care of the pups. Thenthere is the omega the wolves’ scapegoat. It bears the brunt of the packs harassment and lastto eat. Some times it is picked on so much it becomes a lone wolf. The pack is the ideal form ofteam work they hunt together protects the pups together. Yet we hunt them to very lownumbers for their fur. But thanks to zoologist and other conservation societies they are all mostoff of the endangered species list. They are a great animal and I thank that humans can learn alot from them. They breed with dogs to make popular pet wolf dogs. They keep some of there wolftraits so they are hard to legally keep as pets you have to have a permit. In some states theylimit the amount of wolf blood in the wolf dog. And it is very easy to get sued if it bitessomeone. But they are very loyal animals. And they are obedient like dogs if trained right.As a zoologist I would like to study wolves to see if it is possible to help human society. So wecan work together for the good of humans as a group instead off the one.3Barbour
  5. 5. The birds of prey like Falcons, hawks and Eagles are used as icons all over the world. Butthere species are declining because of deforestation and poaching. There are birds of prey onevery continent. They live in forest and grasslands that are being destroyed for human wants.They have no way of protecting them self’s from us so we need to do it for them. Their diet consist of meat they will rarely eat fruit or other plant like foods. Some lovelive food were as others love to eat food that was already dead. It all depends on the birdhawks hunt and vultures scavenge for food. There sizes differ greatly the Black-thighed Falconetis one of the smallest birds of prey, typically measuring between 14–16 centimeters 5.5–6.3 inlong. And theSteller’s Sea Eagle is a large bird of prey it lives in coastal northeastern Asia andmainly preys on fish. On average, it is the heaviest eagle in the world, at about 5 to 9 kilograms. As a zoologist I also wish to be a falconer. It is the trainer of birds of prey in the sport offalconry. It is 1212 years old and was mainly used by nobles for fun. Now you have to havepermits to practice falconry. Zoologist rescues these birds all the time for relocation or breeding programs. Therealso help if they are in need of rehabilitation. The birds that are helped are in perfect healthwhen they are released. But if they are so bad off that they cannot live by themselves thezoologists will keep them in captivity.4Barbour
  6. 6. I have not always wanted to be a zoologist I wanted to be a Marine biologist. But I had a thoughtI love all animals not just the marine kind. So I found zoology and I felt this is where I belong that I had todo this. No matter what happens I will be a zoologist. The job dos not pay a lot but I have learned that Iwould rather work for less and love my job than get pad a lot of money and hate my job.Zoology is important never say that it is a useless subject. Without zoology I Thank the worldwould be a different place. It would be worse zoology helps animals if you help the animals youhelp their habitat and if you help the habitat you help the world. So zoology helps fight the slowdeath of earth indirectly. Zoology it is fun and entertaining. I never thought I could find the fulfillment that I fillwhen I learn about zoology. It is a name I strive for it is the name I will get. This is my dream andthis is my junior paper.5Barbour