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The Ultimate B2B Sales Funnel – How to Build the Machine [WEBINAR]


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You’re not in Kansas anymore.

In today’s mind-blowing, rapidly changing B2B market, you're faced with new technologies and demanding prospects. In fact, Buyers are in control like never before. You need a solid plan to engage your best prospects, win them over and then grow them into delighted clients. So, join SalesStaff on December 11th if you want to:

• Learn how to engage today’s new Buyer
• Find out how crucial the ‘human element’ of the B2B sales process really is
• Understand the hype of the technology “Silver Bullet”
• Discover why B2B Marketing owns the revenue pipeline, not B2B Sales
• Learn how to build the ultimate B2B sales funnel

Hold on to your little dog because the funnel is about to touch down.

Topics include
- B2B sales
- B2B marketing
- B2B lead generation
- B2B demand generation
- sales and marketing alignment
- marketing automation

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