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Citrix Webinar based on my blog post from December 7th, 2012. Topics include digital convergence, mobile payments, mobile marketing, big data, metrics & analytics, mobile computing and the impact on business.
The original Webinar can be accessed at
We will discuss some of the most relevant current digital technology trends – including the rapid rise of the mobile Internet, cloud computing, the increasing importance of data and analytics, and the evolution of social media – and examine their impact on business. Some of the topics examined will include:

- Convergence: As mobile devices become more powerful and connected, applications become smarter, faster, and more useful. All in the palm of your hand.
- Location-based services: Today’s always on, always connected consumer offers new marketing opportunity. And some risks as well.
- The rise of the machines: Big data, powerful algorithms and constant analysis replaces guesswork as machines know more about humans than we do ourselves.
- Practical, real-world examples: From mobile payments, via targeted, contextual offers at POS to advanced segmentation, targeting and attribution, we will use several real-world examples of how these trends are affecting business today, and how they will define success tomorrow.

It should be noted that, while there are large companies and huge investments driving many of these trends, the effects will be felt by everyone, and the benefits will be available to smart businesses of any size. This webinar will take special care to focus on aspects of particular relevance to small and mid-size companies.

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  • Who can tell me what GDP means?Who can tell me what GNH means?Which is more important? Would you rather be rich or happy?Is a FB Like worth more than a RT? If I Like is it more than if Bill Clinton Likes?
  • And it’s just going to get worse.Your user’s work and life are spread across multiple devices, apps, configurations and locations – and more so every dayGlobally we have 10B mobile devices. The average user has 3 devices for IT to supportIT has to support 50% more applications today – with the average user using 36 apps or moreAnd IT has to support an infinite number of unique configurations since each device is personalized as soon as it used
  • It’s really about no disruption in today’s cloud-connected worldit’s about UPTIME and keeping people productive
  • The answer is Citrix Integrated IT Support ServicesAs a market leader, Citrix brings a rich heritage to IT Support:An unwavering focus on keeping people, their devices and apps up and runningTechnology purpose built for today’s mobile workstylesAnd a reputation for delighting customersCitrix is the remote support market maker, with a long history in cloud computing. We’re built for business, with a global enterprise grade infrastructure
  • Cloud Services for IT supportONLY integrated service: Intelligent monitoring + Streamlined service desk + live trouble shootingPurpose-built for cloudSupport more users without additional resourcesService for your mobile, social, worldSupport almost every device from any deviceInstantly responsive personnel: tablet, phoneUsers get help when they want: self-service portals and social communitiesContinuum of CareFor anyone: employees and customersUser’s channel of choiceUnattended: when users can’t be thereFrustration free SoftwareIntuitive, simple to use: no painful interfaceRemarkable experience: make support team’s lives easier, more productiveNo-hassle set up and 24/7 supportCloud Service Engagement Strategy to engage people, with a multiplicity of devices and apps, and keep them up and running!IT service leaders choose Citrix Integrated IT Support Services Strategy to engage people, with a multiplicity of devices and apps, and keep them up and running!Because uptime matters.Let’s talk about each of these reasons in more detail.
  • Citrix / GoToMeeting Webinar on Technology Trends 2013

    1. 1. Top Technology Trends in 2013Daniel Backhaus, InfuzMarch 7, 2013
    2. 2. ModeratorJames HilliardHilly Productions
    3. 3. Text only questions and comments Type questions here3
    4. 4. Follow Us #TechTrends @InTheBackhaus @hillyprods @GoToMeeting
    5. 5. PresenterDaniel BackhausMarketing VPInfuz
    6. 6. Digital Technology TrendsDaniel Backhaus08/22/2012@InTheBackhausDaniel.Backhaus@infuz.comMarch 6th, 2013 6
    7. 7. Today’s WebinarLoosely based on my blog Post from December 4th titledTop Business Technology Trend Predictions for 2013, accessible at the 7 trends identified, we will focus primarily on the rise ofmobile computing and digital convergence, since these have thegreatest – and most disruptive – impact on business.I will make this Webinar deck available on SlideShare. 7
    9. 9. Change before you have to. Jack Welch01 DIGITAL CONVERGENCE DEFINED WHAT IT IS AND WHY IT MATTERS
    10. 10. Convergence is Happening EverywhereTechnological convergence is the tendency for differenttechnological systems to evolve toward performing similar tasks.Definition courtesy of WikipediaWe seed this trend everywhere from automobiles to smartphones, as devicesand systems become “smarter”, more dynamic, and more integrated.Our focus today is primarily on the modern smartphone, the mobileapplications that run on it, and their impact on business and our daily lives. 10
    11. 11. Today’s Smartphones are REALLY SmartA comparison in the performance between theENIAC computer (1946) and the original iPad (2010):Weight:30 tons versus 680g (4.4 million % reduction)Cost:$6 million versus $600 (100 000 % reduction)Speed:385 versus 21.6 billion operations per second (5.6 billion % increase)Compare these advances to other industries such as transportation, energy,manufacturing, etc. Then imagine what the NEXT 50 – or just 5 – years might bring. 11
    12. 12. Today’s Smartphone 12
    13. 13. The Internet is Going Mobile 13
    14. 14. Mobile is Local.Mobile Internet users differ from desktop.Generally, they are more task-oriented, often“in the funnel”, either searching for aproduct or service, reading reviews orresearch or transacting. SOURCE: McKinsey & Co. November 2012 14
    15. 15. So, What’s the Big Deal? What is your customer intelligence quotient? Chief Marketing & Sales Officer Forum | McKinsey 15
    16. 16. In times of rapid change, experience could be your worst enemy. J. Paul Getty02 WHY NOW? KEY DRIVERS AND THEIR ROLE
    17. 17. Infrastructure is Driving Innovation and Adoption Adoption of Smartphones are on a tear, providing incredible computing power, Smartphones massive connectivity, and ubiquitous access Common The establishment and adoption of common standards allows for Standards effective integration and more reuse Cloud The computing equivalent of utility infrastructure, allowing new Computing apps and services to build on one another and share investment Utility & Business models have matured and widespread adoption provide Benefit the needed customer – and revenue base – to sustain lasting innovation
    18. 18. Adoption has Reached Critical Mass
    19. 19. Participant SURVEYWhich Mobile Internet Applications / Services Does YourBusiness Use?- Listing/Review Services (Yelp, YP, etc.)- Loyalty- Daily Deals or Coupons- Own Branded Mobile Application- Mobile Payments 19
    20. 20. A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. Winston Churchill03 WHAT IT MEANS TO BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY & RISK – TWO SIDES OF THE SAME COIN
    21. 21. What the Mobile Internet Means to ConsumersThe always-connected, anytime / anywhere nature of the mobile Internetempowers the consumer and changes behaviors in many waysConvenience Access to virtually anything, anywhere, anytimeTransparency Price, but also quality, reliability, service, availabilityDiscovery Tap into the collective knowledge of othersFlexibility Location and time become less importantSocial Share, collaborate, communicate… on a massive scale. 21
    22. 22. What the Mobile Internet Means to BusinessThe always-connected, anytime / anywhere nature of the mobile Internetwill affect business dramaticallyResources Size becomes less important as playing field is leveledTransparency With access to pricing, reviews, etc. it becomes hard to hideReach Network effect and social graph can vastly expand reachCost Digital ads, earned media, UGC = big impact @ low costData Cloud computing means access to data and analytics 22
    23. 23. Which Platforms / Approaches are Best?Who Are Consider your business, the strength of your brand, the nature ofYou? your product or service, your competition, and your culture.Who Are You Your target audience may affect your platform focus as well.Targeting? Teens are different from mid-career professionals.What Are Your Are you looking to drive incremental sales, footfall or build loyalty?Goals? Effective and realistic goal-setting is crucial.What Can You Be careful what you wish for. A lot of new customers, buying at aSupport? discount can overwhelm and crush profits. Do you have the right resources and enough of them? Doing less, but better, will often deliver better results. 23
    24. 24. Change Requires AdaptationThe mobile Internet and the convergence of applications and businessmodels pose a threat to many businesses, but also offer great opportunity– if addressed properly.Get comfortable with the new reality, learn, explore, and experiment:  Build your Presence  Manage the Message  Deals and Offers  Think Social / Adopt a Team Approach  Emerging Payments  Loyalty 24
    25. 25. Participant SURVEYWhat Industry Are You in?- Retail- Restaurant / Hospitality- Travel & Tourism- Professional / Business Services- Manufacturing- Distribution / Logistics / Transport 25
    26. 26. Action is the real measure of intelligence. Napoleon Hill04 EXAMPLES SOME CURRENT REAL-WORLD PROJECTS
    27. 27. Some Mobile Consumer ApplicationsListing & Navigation Reviews Deals & Coupons Loyalty Payment 27
    28. 28. Ostensibly just a GPS navigation app,Waze is really a powerful marketing andcoupon platform.Integrated with Facebook, Yelp, YP,FourSquare and more, Waze usessocial media concepts and crowd-sourced information to build maps,update traffic information in real-timeand help users find the cheapest gas,the nearest restaurant, or track wheretheir friends are. 28
    29. 29. Barely 2 years old, mobileapplication startup Uber is inthe process of shaking upthe urban transport industryby offering sedan service atprices comparable totraditional yellow cabs.The application combinesgeo-location with the ability to request a car, track its approach, communicatewith the driver via messaging, integrated payments and receipts. 29
    30. 30. Things To Come
    31. 31. For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong. H. L. Mencken05 SUMMARY / CONCLUSION QUESTIONS & ANSWERS
    32. 32. Thank You!Daniel BackhausVP, 32
    33. 33. IT Support TrendsTechnology to Keep Employees Productive Jessica Brown Sr. Content Manager, GoToAssist @GoToAssist March 7, 2013
    34. 34. User’s work and life are spread across multiple devices,apps, configurations, and locations 10B MOBILE DEVICES 50% MORE APPLICATIONS INFINITE UNIQUE CONFIGURATIONS• 4.8B smartphones by 2016 • Average user has 14 business • Every device is unique, personalized• 39% of US adults own a tablet applications, 22 personal apps, once used• Average of 3 networked devices per 3 computing platforms • Average corporation has 1M+ user globally: smartphone, tablet, unique user configurations laptop… • 50% of employees contingent and outside the firewall by 2020 Net-Net: Exponential IT support burden © 2013 Citrix | GoToAssist
    35. 35. It’s really about no disruptionin today’s cloud-connected world and keeping people productive© 2013 Citrix | GoToAssist
    36. 36. The answer:Citrix Cloud Services for IT Support • Unwavering focus on keeping people productive • Purpose-built for today’s cloud-connected world • Customers delighted by the support experience to maintain their productivity • Remote support market maker and cloud computing heritage • Global enterprise-grade infrastructure© 2013 Citrix | GoToAssist
    37. 37. Why IT service leaders choose Citrix Service for Your Cloud Services Mobile, Social Continuum Frustration-free for IT Support World of Care Software Uptime matters: Keeping people productive37 37 ©2013 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute © 2013 Citrix | GoToAssist
    38. 38. In Action: Citrix IT Support Everything Tech LTD. Business Challenges UK Managed service provider • Difficulty handling more customers and higher volumes • Slow support response by jumping between IT tools, duplicative work • Reactive: monitoring hampered by missing reporting, alerts: not unified • Struggle to support mobile workstyles: traveling clients, distributed staff • Clients complain: support session experience, lack of self-service Citrix IT Support Solution: • Unified IT support solution: intelligent monitoring, streamlined service-desk, live trouble-shooting • Service desk linked to support and monitoring: smart workflows and resource management. Service desk knowledge repository of recorded support sessions • Support any device, from any device: remarkable experience for clients, staff • Proactive monitoring: full visibility into entire network, to know before the client Big Results • Handle ~20% more volume: shortened resolution time using new knowledge repository and optimized ticket and resource management • New revenue stream using proactive monitoring: software, hardware upgrades • Remarkable user experience: 24x7 support, any device, instantly productive© 2013 Citrix | GoToAssist
    39. 39. In summary and next steps Citrix Cloud Services for IT Support keep people productive • Cloud Services for IT Support • Service for Your Mobile, Social World • Continuum of Care • Frustration-free SoftwareIt’s about no disruption. Your people’s uptime matters © 2013 Citrix | GoToAssist 39
    40. 40. Daniel Backhaus Jessica Brown James HilliardInfuz GoToMeeting Hilly @gotomeeting @hillyprods
    41. 41. How’d we do?Fill out the survey that opens after you leave thewebinar
    42. 42. Thank you!
    43. 43. Work better. Live better.