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DazzleToday: Tradeshow Optimization Platform for Exhibitors


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Using DazzleToday, marketing and sales teams can invite, impress and persuade the right clients and prospects.
You can plan your tradeshow participation better, find the best vendors for the booth, track expenses, promote it through social media, invite guests more professionally, pre-sell your innovative products to them, keep track of their attendance, schedule meetings during the show, follow up on them after the show to qualify and convert them.

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DazzleToday: Tradeshow Optimization Platform for Exhibitors

  1. 1. Save Time. Save Cost. Save Headaches. Use DazzleToday to make life slightly easier. Get to know DazzleToday a little better.
  2. 2. Manage your trade show participation smarter. From invitation to conversion and everything in between. How to Optimize Your Tradeshow? Lets begin!
  3. 3. 12 Challenges Exhibitors Face in optimising their trade show participation Do you face uncertainty over tradeshow effectiveness? If yes, read on!
  4. 4. Challenge 1: No clean & consolidated database of contacts to which invites need to be sent. Without data & a drive to connect your show lacks power to grow. Invite
  5. 5. Challenge 2: Sending boring & unattractive e- invites or reminders for your tradeshow. Badly worded e- mails hurt your chances for interaction! Invite
  6. 6. Challenge 3: Not having well planned landing pages & RSVP metrics to plan further. Knowing how many have confirmed, helps you plan better. Invite
  7. 7. Challenge 4: No opportunities to set up appointments to manage the time of your in-booth managers better. Give yourself a better chance to close by managing appointments. Invite
  8. 8. Challenge 5: Improper budget planning and tracking to ensure maximum push with minimum risk. Funding incorrectly or over budgeting hits your profits. Plan
  9. 9. Challenge 6: No tracking of tasks, critical things being left out during planning and during the show. Pending deliverables leads to a shabby show. Plan
  10. 10. Challenge 7: Not having all your corporate and marketing collaterals in digital form ready to go and readily accessible to those in need. Delays in sharing lead to time wastage & loss of leads. Plan
  11. 11. Challenge 8: Capturing all visitors and leads in one location, quickly and live at the show booth. Don’t lose visitor information using diaries & time waiting for cards. Excite
  12. 12. Challenge 9: Not getting enough leads to justify time and money investment in the tradeshow. Lacks of invites, preparation & follow-up leads you to a loss. Excite
  13. 13. Challenge 10: Not funneling your leads into the right bucket or towards the right sales person. A wrong selection or delayed assignment causes losses. Persuade
  14. 14. Challenge 11: No following up with Leads post show to increase chances of conversion. Late follow-ups means your Leads may have forgotten you! Persuade
  15. 15. Challenge 12: Not knowing if the tradeshow you went to last year is worth going next year! Lack of metrics leads to confusing and incorrect decisions. ROI
  16. 16. 6 Myths about Trade shows. DazzleToday helps you bust myths to overcome the
  17. 17. Myth 1: Anyone can staff your booth. 60% don’t send the right people!
  18. 18. Myth 2: Tradeshows are a waste of time. Listed as the most preferred meeting place for leads in B2B surveys!
  19. 19. Myth 3: Tradeshow Leads are a Waste of Time. 75% don’t invest- to-extract.
  20. 20. Myth 4: It’s the trade show organizer’s job to ensure I get footfalls and leads. 70% don’t plan their participation well.
  21. 21. Myth 5: Technology today is giving attendees a reason to stay home. A survey indicated 81% to return to the same trade shows
  22. 22. Myth 6: Trade show planning needs too much time and effort. 75% don’t invest- to-extract.
  23. 23. Finally, the Solution to overcome your challenges and busting the myths is here. Presenting….
  24. 24. Let’s bust some myths as a first step to overcome the Challenges Tradeshow Optimization Tool for Exhibitors
  25. 25. What to expect from DazzleToday? Helping hand to get your trade show mojo back.
  26. 26. Expect: Smarter Contact Management Integrated contact manager to pull in contacts from everywhere. Invite
  27. 27. Expect: More professional and hard working Invites Select from a set of templates and designs for invites. Invite
  28. 28. Expect: Better Landing Pages Create metrics laden awesome Landing pages to capture RSVPs. Invite
  29. 29. Expect: Better Appointment Management Setup appointments, get reminders & manage time. Invite
  30. 30. Expect: Better Tradeshow Planning Plan your Tasks, assign Sub-tasks and stay alert on delays. Plan
  31. 31. Expect: Better Task Management Select the best team and plan your team strategy. Plan
  32. 32. Expect: Better Availability of marketing assets and templates Ensure digital assets are there for right people at right time. Plan
  33. 33. Expect: Better Budget Tracking Budget your Expenses and track them with metrics. Plan
  34. 34. Expect: Better access to Trade show Information Know your tradeshow better with insights and learnings. Plan
  35. 35. Expect: Better Data Security Ensure your Data, Leads, Assets & Contacts are backed-up & safe. Plan
  36. 36. Expect: Better Lead Capturing and Sharing Don’t lose any leads or visitor information with smart forms. Excite
  37. 37. Expect: Better Leads & Lead Allocation Get better qualified leads using invites, RSVPs & metrics. Persuade
  38. 38. Expect: Better Post show follow ups Workflow based follow-ups automated & goal driven. Persuade
  39. 39. Expect: Better Measurement of Success Track the right metrics to help you make better decisions. ROI
  40. 40. Thank you! Time to sign-up +91 9561092935 @dazzletoday