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Sail on the Wind and Master Basic Windsurfing Skills


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Canadian Adventure Camp is a North Ontario coed sleepover summer camp for kids located on a beautiful private island in the wilderness lakes region of Temagami. Founded in 1975, it provides acclaimed programs to children from around the world! Visit site:

Canadian Adventure Camp
15 Idleswift Drive
Thornhill, Ontario, L4J 1K9 Canada

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Sail on the Wind and Master Basic Windsurfing Skills

  1. 1. Sail on the Wind and Master Basic Windsurfing Skills
  2. 2. One of kids’ favorite water sports at summer camp is windsurfing, an exciting mix of the laid-back feel of surf sports and the more rules- based structure of sailing.
  3. 3. A challenging, exhilarating way to glide across the water, windsurfing is a super addition to lakefront camp favorites like sailing, canoeing, kayaking and swimming.
  4. 4. A perfect combination of the skills of sailing and the independence of surfing, windsurfing has gained a huge following over the years since it emerged in California in the 1960s.
  5. 5. A single sail is attached to a mast and boom, calling for the rider to use wind, weight and balance to zip across the water.
  6. 6. The first thing kids need to know is a general understanding of sailing theory and basic windsurfing techniques.
  7. 7. On-the-water practice helps develop the automatic muscle memory reactions that lets them stay upright while skimming along the water borne by the wind.
  8. 8. First, beginners must learn to stand on the board while holding the boom and balancing their weight against that of the sail, a feat that’s harder than it sounds.
  9. 9. The first few rides often include lots of falls, so when kids finally start to zip across the lake, it’s an exciting moment.
  10. 10. Once you get the hang of going straight, it’s time to know how to turn, which involves a complex manouvering of sail, wind pressure and the sailor’s weight.
  11. 11. Basic sailing, steering and turning can be learned in a few hours…
  12. 12. …but competency and mastery of advanced manouvers involves a lot more practice, and kids love to practice windsurfing!
  13. 13. An awesome addition to summer camp’s super line up of waterfront activities, windsurfing offers endless opportunities to learn new skills.
  14. 14. As with all waterfront activities, campers signing up for windsurfing should first be able to pass a swim test.
  15. 15. Kids love the thrill of achieving new levels of board and sail handling, eventually leading up to the ability to perform exciting freestyle moves and simple stunts.
  16. 16. Learning to keep your balance, especially while turning, is a challenge, and kids love the feeling of achievement as they hit each new level of handling the wind and board.
  17. 17. Even paddling around on the board on a windless summer day is an idyllic way to spend time with fellow campers.
  18. 18. Always encouraging a fun and positive environment, talented, well- qualified summer camp instructors will provide a structured, friendly environment for learning the thrill of riding the wind with just a simple board and sail.
  19. 19. Many instructors were once campers on the lake themselves, moving up in skills until they were old enough to introduce one of their favorite sports to a new group of campers.
  20. 20. Before heading out onto the lake, kids learn the basics of water safety, wind direction, board handling and rigging and de-rigging.
  21. 21. Once they’ve got the background to move out onto the water, campers are supervised and assisted by instructors in motorized patrol boats.
  22. 22. Of course, as in all camp activities, there’s always time for some exciting games and friendly races.
  23. 23. Camp Walt Whitman in the White Mountains of New Hampshire is a coed sleepaway summer camp that offers all kinds of water sports, including windsurfing.
  24. 24. Visit the site to see photos of our campers windsurfing on the lake.