Financial Job Market


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The financial recruiters and Willis Consulting have jobs available now in the financial services industry. Contact them today to learn more about how they can help you get the perfect job.

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Financial Job Market

  1. 1. How To Prepare Yourself For The Top Positions In The Financial Job Market
  2. 2. Employment in the financial industry providesmany openings for prospective employees, but it takes a special person with the education, previous employment history and a dogged determination in this arena to succeed.
  3. 3. Where one begins in this industry is often just astepping-stone to where they strive to be in theend, which takes years of persistent discipline, intelligence and a tenacious attitude.
  4. 4. Career paths often change according to theopportunities that arise during a persons rise in the financial industry, and it is this ability tosmoothly transition, that finance recruiters often find so appealing.
  5. 5. Characteristic traits that finance recruiters lookfor are individuals that have a good knowledgebase of the financial institution, are compellingand who are willing to work long hours towards their goal.
  6. 6. A resume built from prior positions, aptitude,and a willingness to explore other job optionswill lead financial advisor recruiters to the front doors of these new leaders in the financial field.
  7. 7. Education is an investment of oneselfthat is of particular importance for the person headed for the brokerage firms.
  8. 8. Whether choosing a position as a broker,financial advisor or even management, a person with a four-year college degree majoring inbusiness administration will put them at the top of the list.
  9. 9. Obtaining this degree will open a path thatprovides the most career options that he or she may choose to follow. Although not required, an MBA will almost certainlycatch the eye of financial advisor recruiters from only the most prestigious firms.
  10. 10. With todays economy and lack of employment opportunities, many students who would havenormally graduated from their college, are takingadvantage of this time and choosing to continue their education to move further up the ladder, while setting themselves apart from the rest.
  11. 11. Finance recruiters are also taking advantage ofthis slower economy and lack of growth period to find only the very best from a field of applicants.
  12. 12. They are focusing more on the grade point average and class rank that individualsmaintain. They carefully scrutinize the practicalexperience the applicant has gained along the way too.
  13. 13. Potential brokers should look for positions as an assistant at local firms in order to place experience on their resume, which financerecruiters will be looking for under previous job experience.
  14. 14. It is important that the prospective employeeshow that while in an undergraduate or graduate program, they found a good internship in the chosen field of interest.
  15. 15. Securing work experience for the resumemay even require the prospective applicant work free during some internships.
  16. 16. A letter of recommendation is what the individual should be working towards whichcould quite possibly lead into higher positions and salary later because of past work experience.
  17. 17. Management positions require an additional series 24 license.
  18. 18. These licenses are difficult, but the firm the applicant chose from the financial advisorrecruiters will sponsor the employee during this time.
  19. 19. Financial advisor positions in the largest firmswith triple A ratings typically require series 7, 63and 66 licenses to move up the corporate ladder.
  20. 20. Here, the prospective employees will be courted by finance recruiters of their choice.
  21. 21. A well-rounded resume in education, experience and licensing opens the limitless possibilities for the person that the financial advisorrecruiters from only the most prestigious firms are looking to employ.
  22. 22. Los Angeles Corporate Headquarters WILLIS CONSULTING, INC.719 Yarmouth Road, Suite 203, Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274 310-373-7400
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