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Becoming a Financial Advisor the Qualifications You Need


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  • For a financial planner a good degree is required. He must have bachelor's or master degree from a reputed college or university. The financial planner has experience of few years in planning as well as allied fields including accounting, trading and security analysis.
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Becoming a Financial Advisor the Qualifications You Need

  1. 1. The Qualifications You NeedBecoming a Financial Advisor:
  2. 2. is NOT a cakewalk.Becoming afinancial advisor
  3. 3. means a LOT of work.Building a career
  4. 4. Financial Advising:Is It the Ideal Career for You?
  5. 5. Financial advisingis a type ofsales position.
  6. 6. Your job willinvolve obtainingand convincingclients to investtheir money.
  7. 7. How to Become aFinancial Advisor?
  8. 8. Earn a Bachelor’s DegreeYou have to have acollege degree to possessstandard knowledge and skills.
  9. 9. Experience is KeyInternship is the best means ofclimbing up the ladder fast…
  10. 10. and getting thatmuch experienceas possible.
  11. 11. the purpose of this is to gatherexperience and information in thefield…REMEMBER!
  12. 12. so even if the job is low payingits worth the time spent.
  13. 13. Training ProgramsDuring training, you will beable to accumulate thenecessary experiencerequired…
  14. 14. Training Programsfor the upcoming licensingexamination.
  15. 15. Willis Consulting is a financialservices recruiting firm.
  16. 16. Our finance job recruiters areexperienced and know whereall the job opportunities are.
  17. 17. If you are seeking a financialadvisor, broker, or bankingjob, CALL us at 310-373-7400…
  18. 18. or submit your resume:
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