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A Healthy Smile Means A Healthy Self-Image


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If you live in Gilbert or Chandler AZ, dentists at Shumway Dental Care will be glad to talk to you about improving your smile. Call Dr. Andy or Dr. Joel, or visit the site at

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A Healthy Smile Means A Healthy Self-Image

  1. 1. Fostering a healthy self-image is everything when it comes to getting through the day.
  2. 2. You square your shoulders, step out into the currents of modern society and interact with others.
  3. 3. Communicating with associates and strangers alike on a subliminal level through body language.
  4. 4. The flash of a smile, poise of your body, every little nuance of movement is interpreted and acted upon.
  5. 5. If you present an authoritative and socially acceptable image…
  6. 6. …those around you will also respond with a smile and put themselves at ease.
  7. 7. This is how social interaction works!
  8. 8. But communicate those invisible cues with ineptness or a lack of confidence…
  9. 9. Put simply, we all read each other's bodies, and the center of awareness for this observation is the face.
  10. 10. The face contains the eyes, nose, and mouth, as well as roughly 43 facial muscles.
  11. 11. Combine a smile and a facial expression and you can convey thousands of emotions. You can communicate with an acquaintance without ever saying a word.
  12. 12. Add a widened or narrowed movement of the eyes and those expressions take on an added dimension of emotional or soulful content.
  13. 13. Of all the contributing components of this body and facial language… …the mouth is the most susceptible to interference.
  14. 14. All it takes is a moment of while looking into a mirror and you'll close your mouth, tightening lips in dismay.
  15. 15. The reason may be: • a chip on a front tooth • a conspicuous gap in those same teeth • but the most common reason is discolored teeth
  16. 16. Teeth with a yellow tinge instantly mute the self-esteem you work so hard to build.
  17. 17. You desperately want to project vitality as part of your self-image and are part of that vitality.
  18. 18. This short expression has merit for good reason.
  19. 19. A confident smile is instinctively reflected by those around you.
  20. 20. A mouth full of healthy teeth, framed by red lips is also more than a subliminal communication that's developed in humans over thousands of years.
  21. 21. A healthy smile tells friends and potential romantic interests that you take pride in your appearance, that you care how you look before you step outside in the morning.
  22. 22. Turn to an effective teeth whitening solution and there's no reason you shouldn't be flashing a mouth full of pearly whites all day long.
  23. 23. Start that smile and feel it reach upward from jawline to the tiny muscles that surround your eyes, until your entire face is shining.
  24. 24. No one can resist the infectious nature of a .
  25. 25. It not only projects happiness and selfconfidence but responds to a returned smile, climbing even higher to reveal more of the healthy teeth.
  26. 26. Brush at least twice a day and invest in a happy smile that will foster . Additionally, check into one or more of the many teeth whitening solutions that are available from local pharmacies.
  27. 27. To truly enjoy the healthiest of open-mouthed smiles, call our office and ask about whitening. can be an inexpensive procedure that will boost your confidence immeasurably.
  28. 28. If you live in , dentists at Shumway Dental Care will be glad to talk to you about improving your smile. Call Dr. Andy or Dr. Joel, or visit the site at