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Presentation akhir


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Presentation akhir

  1. 1. By : IRWANTONPM : 09-3266 Class : 6G
  3. 3. In the morning I eat breakfastI have bread and a glass of milk for breakfast
  4. 4. In the afternoon Rina, Mike and Susi eat their lunch. They usually have a burger, fried chicken and mineral water.
  5. 5. In the evening Mr. Yahya’s family eat dinner.They eat rice, chicken, potatoes, bread, salad and they also have juice
  6. 6. SpeakingReadingWritingListening
  7. 7. Listen and follow to your Teacher
  8. 8. This a Burger
  9. 9. This is a bowl of NOODLE
  10. 10. This is a glass of ORANGE JUICE
  11. 11. This is a box of MILK
  12. 12. This is a glass of MINERAL WATER
  13. 13. This is a SANDWICH
  14. 14. This is FRIED RICE
  15. 15. This is SPAGHETTI
  16. 16. This is SALAD
  17. 17. They are FOOD AND BAVERAGE
  18. 18. Ordering Food in a RestaurantRead this dialogueWaiter: Hello, Can I help you?John: Yes, Id like to have some dinner.Waiter: Would you like a starter?John: Yes, Id like a bowl of vegetable soup, please.Waiter: And what would you like for a main course?John: Id like grilled chicken with potatoes.Waiter: Would you like anything to drink?
  19. 19. John: Yes, Id like a glass of orange juice, please.Waiter: After John has his dinner: Can I bring you anything else?John: No thank you. Just the check (bill).Waiter: Certainly.John: I dont have my glasses. How much is the dinner?Waiter: Thats $9.25. John: Here you are. Thank you very much.Waiter: Youre welcome. Have a good day.John: Thank you, the same to you.
  20. 20. Make sentences Example : and follow the A. I / bread / Not example. Biscuit Example I like bread. I don’t like biscuit
  21. 21. 1) I / chicken / not beef a. I like beef not chicken b. I likes chicken. I don’t like beef c. I like chicken. I doesn’t like beef d. I like chicken. I don’t like beef
  22. 22. Your Answer is Wrong
  23. 23. Your Answer is Right
  24. 24. 2) She / Egg / Not Fish a. She likes egg. She doesn’t like fish b. She like egg. She don’t like fish c. She likes egg. She don’t like fish d. She like egg. She doesn’t like fish
  25. 25. 3) He / Cheese / Not Butter a. He likes butter. He doesn’t like cheese b. He like cheese. He doesn’t like butter c. He likes cheese. He doesn’t like butter d. He like cheese. He don’t like butter
  26. 26. 4) We / Chocolate / Not Chips a. We like chocolate. We don’t like chips b. We likes chocolate. We don’t like chips c. We like chips. We don’t like chocolate d. We like chocolate. We doesn’t like chips
  27. 27. 5) They / Cake / Not Bread a. They like bread. They don’t like cake b. They like cake. They don’t like bread c. They likes cake. They don’t like bread d. They like cake. They doesn’t like bread
  28. 28. Read and practice the conversation below with your friend !!At the RestaurantWaiter: Can I help you?Lisa: A table for two please.Waiter: This way.
  29. 29. OrderingWaiter: Are you ready to order?Lisa: Yes, well have the chicken with vegetables, and the vegetable pasta please.Waiter: Anything to drink?Lisa: Just some water please.After the MealWaiter: Can I get you anything else? Coffee? Dessert?Lisa: No, just the bill please.