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Online Video Editing Application


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This is an online video application that we have developed that allows users to create their own remixes of content provided.

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Online Video Editing Application

  2. 2. For End Users An easy to user online video editing platform for fans of sports and music
  3. 3. For Publishers An enterprise level white label online video editing platform designed to monetize and syndicate video content
  4. 4. Opportunity for Networks • Do more with existing video content • Create new content from existing content • Monetize the content created through video ads • Monetize the in-app content creation experience • Distribute content created to YouTube and other channels
  5. 5. Video Editor Features • Supports H.264 16:9 video • Supports user generated content, audio and video • Completely resizeable, so the bigger monitor you have the better for you • Drag and drop features make it feel like a desktop application • Live preview in real-time • Videos generated are mp4 and flv formats • The most sophisticated user interface of its kind • Auto saves working edit sessions
  6. 6. Video Editor Features Continued • Can be connected to any video content management system • Transcoders rely on Amazon EC2 for maximum scalability and flexibility • Look and feel is completely customizable • In-application advertising can be modified based on client requirements