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Download Photo Management System PPT with source code in java , project report, database, data flow diagram for free of cost.

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Photo Management System PPT

  1. 1. PHOTO LAB MANAGEMENT SYSTEM A PROJECT REPORT Submitted by Download source code from
  2. 2. Photo Lab Management System(PLS) Problem Abstract This project is aimed at developing an Photo Lab Management System (PLS) for a photo studio. This system can be used to store the details of the customers,employees,work details and update the details based on the customer details, material details. Problems in Existing System • • The main problem is paper work. This is a time consuming process. Proposed System • The proposed system is the solution for the existing system. • The proposed system that contains how to maintaining an inventory and updating it. • It reduces the time consuming with the existing system.
  3. 3. Functional Requirements & User Interface Requirements Functional Requirements 1. The tool mainly helps in giving perfect photo wanted by the customer. 2. Maintainance of employee salaries,materials updation and customer bills. 3. Utilities should be maintained such that every task is given separate icon in the tool. 4. Every customer is given unique number. 5. Administrator checks whether every customer paid bills or not.Data Entry operator should maintain all the details about the customer and administrator maintains the details about the employee. User Interface Requirements 1. Professional look and feel. 2. Help should be very user friendly. 3. User interface should include good images.
  4. 4. System Architecture client server Admin Login View customer details View customer Database Unlock account Delete DEO View material details DEO Registration Customer billing Employee salaries Employee salaries Unlock Customer details Delete employee Delete DEO New customer Registration View materials Employee DEO login Admin Update status &insert image Material details Block Image Employee details DEO
  5. 5. Use Case Diagram Login <<include>> Job Input <<include>> Registration Job Output <<include>> Data Entry <<include>> Billing Data Entry Operetaor Reports Materials Maintenance Login Checking billing details Administrator Checking all details at the end of day Taking process bill from customer <<include>> <<include>> <<include>> Delete Job Process Billing Lab Despatch Report Update Materials details Update all details every day
  6. 6. Class Diagram
  7. 7. Project Screen Shots
  8. 8. TESTING 1. Verify that the DEO should be able to login to the system. 2. Verify the customer bills entered by the DEO. 3. DEO should enter the details of the customer. 4. Admin should enter the details of the employee and salaries of the employee. 5. DEO should select each category of the material and update them.
  9. 9. Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: • Customer details can be maintained easily. • Material details can also be maintained easily. • Weaknesses: • If the type of user is Administrator, he works only with administrator role not the DEO role.
  10. 10. CONCLUSION • Hence the Photo Lab Management System (PLS) for a photo studio is developed. This system is made finally to store the details of the customers,employees,work details and update the details based on the customer details, material details. • The system is developed which is useful for DEO to enter the details about the customer,materials,deletion of the customer details and admin mainly checks the details of customer,materials and to enter the details about the employees and updates the details of employees in frequent intervals. It also helps Admin for the deletion of the DEO and employee details and helps in releasing the lock of the DEO account when it is locked. • Download source code from