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What can you expect in your new rakutan store


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Rakutan Store is new Marketplace with unique opportunity for small retailers to establish brand identity.

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What can you expect in your new rakutan store

  1. 1. What can you expect in your New Rakuten Store?
  2. 2. 1. Privilege to sell first basedon Total Price of an itemunlike Amazon. I have foundAmazon pushing MerchantSellers below even if theirprice is lower.
  3. 3. 2. Merchant Customers are alsoincluded in “Super Points” whichallows at least 1% back on everyqualifying purchase. This issomething not available on Amazonand eBay recently added nectarpoints.
  4. 4. 3. Branded Storefrontsstorefront with a to mimic yourcurrent site. This is a uniqueopportunity for Retailers toestablish their brand identity.
  5. 5. 4. Expect your photo on thehomepage. This is uniquecompared to any othermarketplaces. This truly showsRakutan “empoweringPeople and society through theInternet.”
  6. 6. 5. Expect a phone call from agood person who will guide youthrough and expect theircontinuous help. This is againunique!
  7. 7. Five Principles for Success Always Improve, Always Advance There are only two kinds of people in the world: Best Effort people are satisfied with the status quo; when they fail, they console themselves by saying "I did my best." Get Things Done" people are absolutely committed to reaching their goals. With enough determination and effort -- by being a Get Things Done person -- you can achieve anything. Passionately Professional Rakuten is an organization composed of true professionals. Real professionals in any field - whether in sports, the arts, science, business or anything else - only reach the top because they have the self-discipline to develop and improve themselves continuously. Only by consistently working many times harder than our competitors can we consistently win. Hypothesize→Practice→Validate→ShikumikaSuccess in business depends on making and executing concrete specific action plans.Maximize Customer SatisfactionRakuten is first and foremost a service company. Were proud to serve our customers and we ceaselessly seek to improve theirexperience.Speed!! Speed!! Speed!!The Internet makes the window of opportunity for every small business. Accomplish in one month what it takes other companies ayear to do, because we can only win by being many times faster than our competitors.
  8. 8. WHAT CAN WE DO?  Setup Rakuten Store  Provide Training to grow your sales  Help you to Re-Market your costumers  Guide you to expand to Europe & Emerging Markets Helping you Sell Online with Strategic Partnership Prabhat Shah | @day2dayebay | | M: 0751 8839629