Social Media Surgery - Pontypool Museum - March 2013


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Raising funds with Pinterest.

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Social Media Surgery - Pontypool Museum - March 2013

  1. 1. Pontypool Sunday, 7th March 2:30 – 4:00 Prabhat Shah @Day2Dayebay
  2. 2. Pinterest for Charities
  3. 3. "I was always collecting images on the web in folders on the desktop of my computer, but it wasn’t a very good system for remembering where things came from or who made them.We wanted to create a place where you can go to upload or collect things on the web and simply organize it the way you want to.”Evan Sharp, Pinterest Co-Founder and Designer How did it start ?
  4. 4. StatThere are more than 200,000 active Pinterest users in the UK.• 29% of UK users are in the highest income bracket.• According to Experian, in the UK Pinterest saw a 786% increase in traffic last year  from 901,761 visits in September 2011 to 7,985,316 in September 2012.• Pinterest is retaining and engaging users as much as 2-3 times as efficiently as Twitter was at a similar time in its history.• The average Pinterest user spends 98 minutes per month on the site.
  5. 5. Audience Interest
  6. 6. Case StudyRaising awareness of child poverty by encouraging users to pin things we would usually take for granted – such as food and shelter – alongside the luxury brands normally associated with the site. This is also one of the first times Pinterest has been used to generate donations to a charity.
  7. 7. Search by -Pins -Boards -UsersFinding things of your interest
  8. 8. Search-Categories-Gifts-Videos
  9. 9. You can Follow & Comment
  10. 10. Adding Pins-Add pin (with URL)-Upload pin from your PC-Create a Board How to Add Pins ?
  11. 11. All the pictures arelinked with website What people are pinning?
  12. 12. You can Pin Videos too !
  13. 13. Use as Collaborative Tool
  14. 14. Pinterest Ideas
  15. 15. Involve supporters and show success The Humane Society of New York have Boards of all their animals that need homes, success stories of those animals that have been adopted and happy pictures of adopters with their new adoptees.
  16. 16. Tie facts to images• UNICEF raises awareness and educates users about children’s rights and where they are being violated by posting information associated with each photo within the tag box, as on their Board called UNICEF children.
  17. 17. Go beyond your own messages. Amnesty International USA are spreading the message of human rights with Boards promoting Fair Trade items, a Human Rights Reading List and Inspiring Quotes and People.
  18. 18. Show gratitude•  WWF UK has created a Board called We Love - Our Supporters! that displays all the wonderful images by children who support their cause - a great way to showcase support in action. Similarly, Child’s i have created three Boards (Giving Love, Giving Time, and Giving Money) to reinforce their campaign message with images of supporters who have been giving.
  19. 19. Promotions and competitions1. Ask users to create a Board around a subject or theme.2. Ask users to vote on their favourite competition entry by liking or re-pinning it .3. Ask users to pin their entry to a Competition Board you have created and draw from the winner from pinned entries.
  20. 20. Introduction to Social Networking 8 Weeks Evening Course Qualification – Agored Cymru Torfaen Adult Community Learning Register your interest 01633 647700 Croesyceiliog Community Education Prabhat Shah @Day2Dayebay