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SEO for ecommerce websites - Stacey MacNaught


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Stacey talks about very SEO for eCommerce website in very basic terms so that everyone can understand in our Manchester Online Seller Meetup.

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SEO for ecommerce websites - Stacey MacNaught

  1. 1. Stacey MacNaught Tecmark @staceycav SEO for Ecommerce
  2. 2. Over 200 different factors influence where you rank in Google for any given query @staceycav
  3. 3. @staceycav
  4. 4. So, let’s simplify it. @staceycav
  5. 5. SEO in a nutshell: @staceycav
  6. 6. Technical @staceycav 1 •  SSL certification •  Page speed •  Navigation •  URL Structure •  Site hierarchy •  Rendering on mobile •  Indexing •  Efficiency of code •  Use of canonicals •  …..and plenty more.
  7. 7. A bad ecommerce platform will leave you in a world of technical pain.
  8. 8. But a good ecommerce platform will handle the bulk of technical SEO concerns for you.
  9. 9.
  10. 10. Choose a platform that: •  Handles canonicals •  Offers SSL •  Is fast on all devices •  Is multiscreen ready •  Gives you full control of content (titles, description, body text etc) •  Allows you control over redirects
  11. 11. @staceycav Use a platform that deals with the technical stuff for you
  12. 12. On Site Content @staceycav 2 •  Page title •  Meta description •  Body Content •  Imagery
  13. 13. On Site Content @staceycav 2This all starts with an understanding of how your customers look for your products.
  14. 14. I break this down into 3 areas: @staceycav Inspiration/ Trigger Research Product
  15. 15. Inspiration/Trigger @staceycav Why does someone start the process of looking for your products?
  16. 16. Inspiration/Trigger @staceycav
  17. 17. Research @staceycav What questions do users ask when decided which variant of the product to buy?
  18. 18. Research @staceycav
  19. 19. Product Specific @staceycav Product related searches made by those who already have purchase intent.
  20. 20. KW Finder
  21. 21. Bloomberry
  22. 22. @staceycav Create a keyword map for your products, categories and new guides content
  23. 23. On Site Content @staceycav 2 •  Page titles that include core keywords/phrases, read well and are unique
  24. 24. On Site Content @staceycav 2 •  Meta descriptions that make people want to click, include relevant phrases and are 110 – 170 characters
  25. 25. On Site Content @staceycav 2 •  Unique body content on each category page and each product page
  26. 26. PLEASE! @staceycav 2 Do not copy and paste manufacturer descriptions.
  27. 27. @staceycav It has painful consequences…
  28. 28. 29 @staceycav
  29. 29. Enhance Product Page Content @staceycav •  Clear description •  USPs •  Technical Spec •  Reviews •  FAQs
  30. 30. Get inspiration for FAQs from Amazon: @staceycav
  31. 31. On Site Content @staceycav 2 •  If you have unique images, use them! •  In the very least, create unique “alt tags” for images
  32. 32. @staceycav Write blog posts/guides based on trigger and research queries and include internal links to relevant products.
  33. 33. Off Site Factors @staceycav 3 •  Predominantly led by links to your site from other websites •  Some correlation with brand mentions/ citations and rankings •  Indirect benefit of social signals
  34. 34. Link Building Tactics @staceycav 3 •  Claiming unlinked brand mentions •  Requesting attribution from any sites using your images/logo •  Work with bloggers (creating posts for them or sending products for review)
  35. 35. Link Building Tactics @staceycav 3 •  Offering testimonials to your suppliers •  Digital PR techniques and content marketing
  36. 36. @staceycav Set up Google Alerts for your brand and carry out reverse image searches on your logo/ images. Request attribution in the form of a link.
  37. 37. Resources @staceycav • • • • •
  38. 38. Thank you Questions? Tweet me: @staceycav Email me: