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Online Seller Wales Newport - 30th April, University of South Wales


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The event mainly concentrated on helping businesses
· Export their products using eBay to US, Spain, Germany, Australia, France and Italy.
· Getting Most Out of Email Campaigns and add Sales to their Online Business
· Create a Engaging website that Sells

It was a successful event in which Willem from Webinterpret gave meaningful insight on selling internationally through eBay and Amazon. It was surprising how easy it can be to sell abroad through eBay and grow your local business online across the border. This followed by Prabhat’s talk on how email marketing can be implemented easily in a business without any external help. This talk focused on creating good relation with the customers through appropriate Email messages at right time and generate additional revenue.

The event ended with Joel's very engaging talk on how owning your own website can help your brand be recognised better. The talk made businesses realise building a website focusing on their customers is the best way go forward.

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Online Seller Wales Newport - 30th April, University of South Wales

  1. 1. University of South Wales, City Campus Wednesday, 30 April 2014 6: 30pm
  2. 2. 1. Grow your International Sales on eBay and Amazon 35 Minutes ( 6:45 - 7:20 ) Online spending is growing worldwide. Selling internationally will help UK businesses from these growth rates and prepare for the future. Selling internationally with eBay and Amazon is much easier than setting up your own international online shop. This talk is all about reaching millions of potential customers outside the UK within a short period of time. Speaker: Willem Rowies from WebInterpret whose core mission is to make international e-commerce accessible to all businesses. Topics / Speakers @WebInterpret_En
  3. 3. 2. Creating Email Campaigns with Mailchimp 25 Minutes ( 7:30 - 7:55 ) This is a practical seminar to introduce Mailchimp, one of the Forever FREE Email Marketing software. This talk will take you through the basics & empower you to start using Mailchimp for your business immediately and Grow online. Speaker: Prabhat founded Online Seller Wales with an aim to educate online sellers and encourage small retailers to sell online. @day2dayebay
  4. 4. 3. Creating a Digital Marketing Plan for Your Business 25 Minutes ( 7:55- 8:20 ) A website is an essential part of your online marketing effort, but it does not exist in a vacuum. In this talk, Joel will discuss how your website should sit in a broader context and he will map out how that landscape could look, how it should operate and what should be measured. Speaker: Joel’s runs Hinkford, digital agency based in South Wales that helps people & organisations create & refine their digital strategy (that’s websites, apps and being smart online in plain language). Sorry Q & A only at the end Presentation to be Emailed @joel_hughes
  5. 5. How to boost your online international sales
  6. 6. Why sell in other countries? ES 18% IT 15.9% FR 11% DE 11% UK 10% OF EU BUYERS WILL BE OUTSIDE UK & GERMANY BY 2016*64% OF ALL ONLINE TRADE WILL BE CROSS BORDER BY 2020**33%
  7. 7. The Go To solution is to list on international marketplaces - Provide huge visibility - Good reputation (buyer protection) - Already a lot or traffic - Architecture in place for international selling
  8. 8. >10 million unique visitors per month >9.0 million unique visitors per month >59.7 million unique visitors per month >21.4 million unique visitors per month >4.1 million unique visitors per month >4.5 million unique visitors per month Ebay buyers:
  9. 9. Active CBT - Challenges - Which inventory will sell internationally? - Localising listings - Day to day management of new listings - Communication with buyers
  10. 10. Tips -Free shipping 30% sales increase -Remove VAT 100% sales increase
  11. 11.
  12. 12. Creating Email Campaigns with University of South Wales, City Campus Wednesday, 30 April 2014 6: 30pm
  13. 13. WHAT'S ON TODAY ? 1. Noteworthy Mailchimp Capabilities 2. Why to Create Lists and Segmentation 3. Sending Automatic Email Messaging 4. Measuring Email Success 5. Combining Email with Social Media
  14. 14. 1. Mailchimp Capabilities
  15. 15. Custom Sign Up form
  16. 16. Drag and Drop Editor Easy to Use Templates / No HTML knowledge required
  17. 17. Choose for 100s of Templates
  18. 18. All Templates are Mobile Optimised / No Coding Required
  19. 19. Get news via email instead of checking blogs or using an RSS reader. Publish your content once and send it to your email subscribers without even thinking about it.
  20. 20. Target Your Campaigns based on Preference, Buying Habit, Location, Gender
  21. 21. Nurture Leads with Automated Messages
  22. 22. Track Campaign Success with Google Analytics Within
  23. 23. 2. Lists Segmentation
  24. 24. Why ?
  25. 25. Group Your Subscribers from Sign Up form
  26. 26. OR Send Campaigns Based on Subscriber Activity
  27. 27. 3. Automatic Email Messaging
  28. 28. Lead Nurturing • Plan a series of emails to in order to qualify them for quality sales lead • Increased conversion by 32.6% with lead nurturing emails
  29. 29. Customer lifecycle groups
  30. 30. Send Campaigns when it Means the Most
  31. 31. Experiment with From Name & Subject
  32. 32. 4. Measuring Email Success
  33. 33. Keep Record of stats
  34. 34. Bounce rate This KPI lets you know whether the email you sent landed in your subscribers inbox or not. This is a pretty big deal for a couple of reasons. Unsubscribe rate When someone unsubscribe from your list it means that they have lost interest in your message. A high unsubscribe rate might also indicate poor list hygiene. Open to click rates This KPI measures a higher quality of engagement than unique open rates by telling you how many of the people who opened your email (not just who received it) and clicked through to a landing page. Email Conversions – An email conversion is how well an email succeeded in converting subscribers into customers. ~ Record Revenue Total Opens measures the number of times an email is opened. Monitor the total number of opens to your emails over time to better understand what is resonating with your audience when it comes the contents of your messaging. ~Mobile Vs Desktop Abuse Reports – The abuse or complaint report is the rate at which email list subscribers marked your email as spam.
  35. 35. • Create Sign Up Forms • Focus where your Customer exist • Embed Social / Share Links • Share your email Campaigns (Repeat) • Create Socially Targeted Campaigns
  36. 36. Resources
  37. 37. Resources
  38. 38. @day2dayebay E: M:0751 8839629 What we Offer? Help you create Digital Marketing Plan Digital Marketing Training & Consultancy Set Up Email Marketing Campaigns
  39. 39. Joel Hughes / @joel_hughes
  40. 40. What do I do? • Websites / web apps • Strategy • Training & support
  41. 41. What’s a good website?
  42. 42. Clarity
  43. 43. Strong Navigation
  44. 44. Clear Call-to-Actions
  45. 45. Contact who?
  46. 46. Don’t be shy
  47. 47. …but be careful*
  48. 48. Audience focused
  49. 49. Measurable
  50. 50. Signposting The aim to is increase their engagement with you…
  51. 51. Reduce
  52. 52. Content is King (Queen)
  53. 53. Speed
  54. 54. A man is not an island Website Your brand Business Plan Marketing Plan
  55. 55. Thanks! @Joel_Hughes 01633 530230
  56. 56. 15th May – Cardiff Council County Hall Atlantic Wharf, CF10 4UW Click Here to To Register FREE
  57. 57. @day2dayeBay M: 0751 8839 629 DaytodayeBay for Tips and Tricks of Selling Online Available on Skype prabhat.shah1 Connect with Me on LinkedIn