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Google Shopping Training for a Birmingham based Fashion Retailer


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Recently we delivered Google Shopping training and got very impressive result which are shown on these slides.

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Google Shopping Training for a Birmingham based Fashion Retailer

  1. 1. Use Google Shopping to Increase your Online Sales
  2. 2. Search Campaign vs Google Shopping { Shopping campaigns don’t use keywords } The core difference is that with Search campaigns, you target nothing until you add keywords to increase your targeting. In Shopping campaigns, you target everything you sell; and by adding structure with product groups, you can carve out portions of this. If that sounds confusing, it will make more sense after I show you an example further on. In a keyword-targeted search campaign, your ad will not show for any search query until you add keywords to increase your targeting. In a shopping campaign, your ads are automatically eligible to show for any search query that matches a product you sell. Product groups allow you to exclude products or set different bids. Source - Searchengineland
  3. 3. Recently we delivered training to a Birmingham based Fashion Retailer and they got these results within weeks.
  4. 4. Campaign Result Google Shopping Campaigns started showing good result with increasing clicks. 3.5 % average Click through rate is a very good start as Google average CTR for Adwords is 2 %.
  5. 5. Product Impression Each time your ad appears on Google it's counted as one impression. Increased impression in shopping campaign above shows the relevance of product ads.
  6. 6. Search Term reports shows keywords typed in google for ads to appear. Having CTR next to these keywords shows profitable keywords and vice-versa. Any irrelevant keywords were put in negative list.
  7. 7. Geographic report gives good insight on customer distribution.
  8. 8. “ Provided me the knowledge required to setup my shopping campaign.After implementation of his advice I have had a few sales. After support was excellent and would definitely recommend using for adwords.
  9. 9. Training We deliver Google Shopping Training in London, Birmingham and Manchester. Find more on We also deliver on site tailored training anywhere in the UK. Please get in touch to find out more.
  10. 10. Any questions ? @OnlineSellerUK Email: Landline: 029 2236 2596 Mobile: 0751 88 39629 Prabhat Shah