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Ecommerce Platforms - WordPress, Magento, Shopify


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Manchester Online Seller Meetup - Darren from Digitl talked about popular eCommerce platforms and how to choose the right one.

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Ecommerce Platforms - WordPress, Magento, Shopify

  1. 1. eCommerce Platforms How do you select the right one for your business?
  2. 2. @wearedigitl A quick introduction A modern eCommerce Agency based in Manchester - eCommerce Websites - Support for Multi Channel Retailers - - Traditional Web Design - Digital Marketing -
  3. 3. @wearedigitl Where on earth do you begin? Initial Cost Agency Costs Integration with Marketplaces Number of products Annual Turnover Support
  4. 4. @wearedigitl Let’s agree on one thing We’re all better than tools like this:
  5. 5. Can you guess the platforms? There’s a prize for whoever guesses each one… no cheating!!
  6. 6. @wearedigitl Costs for the platform Pay monthly Initially “Free” - but there WILL be costs! $29 to $299 £24-£149 $29 to 249 10p per sale £1k for plugins £250 for plugins £250 to £1000 for plugins Upfront costs From £6k From around £10k
  7. 7. @wearedigitl Costs for getting up and running You can do it yourself… or low agency costs £0 £0 £0 £0 You probably can’t do it yourself… agency costs not too bad From £2k From £1500 From £10k up to £30k You don’t want to do it yourself… and need a bigger agency budget From £25k From £35k
  8. 8. @wearedigitl Marketplace Friendliness Untested by the team at Digitl Third party NativeThird party Okay support Third partyThird party Native Good support Third party Third party
  9. 9. @wearedigitl Total Products Under 250 Under 750 Over 750
  10. 10. @wearedigitl Total Turnover Starter Established Growing
  11. 11. @wearedigitl Support Model Provided by the vendor Reliant upon the agency / freelancer you work with
  12. 12. @wearedigitl Overall flexibility & connectivity No support or limited in some way Really good flexibility
  13. 13. @wearedigitl Let’s see who was listening…
  14. 14. @wearedigitl Example - Seller A • New business • Wants to set up a new site with no help from an agency • Doesn’t really want to sell on ebay or Amazon at the moment • Only really testing the water
  15. 15. @wearedigitl Example - Seller B • Has quite a lot of products to sell • Wants to have some flexibility on the design and layout • Has some funds to spend with an agency to develop the site • Wants to blog to promote their business
  16. 16. @wearedigitl Example - Seller C • Has quite a lot of products to sell • Wants to integrate with ebay and Amazon • Integration with a shipping provider, accounts or stock system required • Been trading for a few years and wants to invest in further growth
  17. 17. @wearedigitl Example - Seller D • Has some funds to invest in the design and build of a new site but wants low ongoing fees • Knows that marketplaces are really important to their business • Sees good opportunity for export • Wants a one-stop shop
  18. 18. @wearedigitl Thanks for listening! (don’t ask any hard questions) Follow me: @webdarren Follow digitl: @wearedigitl Email: Call us: 0161 850 1790