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brightonSEO - Optimising Products for Amazon Search - Prabhat Shah

So few people talk about Amazon’s product ranking factors & algorithm and there is lot of misunderstanding about product fields which make retailers hard to rank within Amazon search results. This talk aims to eliminate misunderstanding and spell out what needs to be done to rank on Amazon’s search results.

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brightonSEO - Optimising Products for Amazon Search - Prabhat Shah

  1. 1. Optimising Products for Search on 18th September, 2015, Prabhat Shah | Online Seller UK | @OnlineSellerUK
  2. 2. 1 23 4 5 What do you think are influential factors ?
  3. 3. Hello! I AM PRABHAT SHAH I am here to share my experience of working with Retailers selling on Amazon. Currently, I’m working as eCommerce Consultant with Online Seller UK & DaytodayeBay @OnlineSellerUK
  4. 4. “ This talk is about Amazon’s product ranking factors & algorithm.
  5. 5. “ Amazon’s Advanced search functionality determines the best matches for customer query and its ranking algorithm automatically combine multiple features - Price, availability and sales history.
  6. 6. Let’s review some factors Price Sales Product Reviews Product Title Picture Search Terms
  7. 7. 1. PRICE Amazon uses pricing as a major factor in picking which product to show in search results alongside product ratings.
  8. 8. But you cannot always drive your price lower ○ However, keeping watchful eye on your competitor’s price and reacting to it helps to boost ranking. ○ Use tools to automate the process BUT learn from 2014 experience
  9. 9. Choose Repricer Tool Wisely One Type follows Formula Otherone is Algorithmic
  10. 10. 2. SALES Ranks higher for products selling well. It is simple but challenging for retailers just starting to sell on Amazon.
  11. 11. 3. SEARCH TERMS These must be relevant to your products and use of trademarks and brands should reflect the products you are selling.
  12. 12. Some best practices: ○ Do not use search terms that are used in the title. ○ Single words work better as search terms than phrases. ○ Don’t Use commonly misspelled words as search terms
  13. 13. 4. PRODUCT TITLE Product title to include Brand, Product type, Material or key ingredient, Colour, Size
  14. 14. PRODUCT REVIEWS Your products are ranked higher when you have higher number of and positive-ness of your Customer Product Reviews. 5.
  15. 15. THREE KINDS OF REVIEWS GenuineFake Biased
  16. 16. All good purchases recently - always impressed at the service you ... ByEddie Elmhirston 22 August 2015 Size: 2M - Male to MaleColour Name: BlackVerified Purchase All good purchases recently - always impressed at the service you do as an organisation - the lens adaptor does work but slightly loose fit on camera ? Am happy - it does the job at the price - thank you all. Perhaps I research another adaptor ? What do you think?
  17. 17. 5 of 6 people found the following review helpful Started well ...By Bollard TOP 500 REVIEWER on 29 Aug. 2013 Colour Name: BrownSize: Waist: 33-35 inches (Medium) Verified Purchase *Update 10 September 2013: Not quite sure how my pant-wearing experiences are improving your lives, but these are going in the bin because the leg-ends are starting to balloon and the product is starting to ride up and feel the way Y-fronts used to feel when I was at school: very uncomfortable. As I said before with other similar designs, I don't think my body can cope with this style of product and I am going back to baggy, 'let it all dangle freely' Jeep boxers, which are good value. *Update 3 September 2013: I see the price has crept up, so they are no longer 'under a fiver each' as I wrote. Still good value though. 3 stars I am afraid. *Original review: I am very impressed with these and place them at the top of the ratings in my own personal underwear shoot-out which has seen Under Armour and Jockey products in the garbage bin due to a poor 'wearing experience' - at least for me (other people seem fine with them). The material, I am sure, is as thick as you'd get from M&S and the value speaks for itself ... under a fiver each, with a good 5% elastane content compared with the usual 1% or 2%. So far these have not shot up the apex of my body 'triangle' and left bits falling out, so on that basis alone they get a high score. Not quite sure why I went for brown, but maybe I was having a bad day. They are comfortable, the material feels soft, and if there are any seams they don't chafe - unlike the seams in similar looking pairs from Jeep. Recommended. 4 stars as I want to see how they wash. If they come out OK, 5 stars. What about this?
  18. 18. & What about this ?
  19. 19. Amazon Accepted review without purchase.
  20. 20. Changes in Amazon Reviews the overall star rating of the product will now take into consideration the helpful votes of the customers, whether the reviewers are verified buyers, and the age of the written review. rank and continuously adjust the order of the reviews being displayed on the website according to the ongoing assessment of which customer reviews are most important.
  21. 21. PICTURE SIZE NO display of products results that don’t have at least one image that is 1000×1000 pixels or larger in some categories. 6.
  22. 22. 7. PRODUCT FEATURES Amazon gives us ability to add product features and having informative ones helps to rank better.
  23. 23. 8. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Having relevant keywords on Amazon product description helps to rank better on search result.
  24. 24. Includes size, shipping weight, color, specs and more. 9. PRODUCT SPECIFICATION
  25. 25. 10. PRODUCT CATEGORY Every search term is limited to any particular chosen category. Your products won’t appear if it is not on correct category.
  26. 26. Why to Sell on Amazon ? Platform you may not but certainly can’t AVOID!
  27. 27. Britain's favourite retailer is... not just about the quality of products and services but also their contribution to society and the community
  28. 28. British members of Amazon Prime runs into the millions. Research suggests 47 percent of Amazon's US shoppers are now Prime. Globally, membership has jumped 53 % in the past year alone. Did you KNOW ?is a Customer Loyalty Tool !
  29. 29. 1) Could be the Strongest Revenue Stream ? 2) Will our Products be Sold by Amazon directly ? 3) Will Sellers be Forced to optin Amazon FBA ? 4) Why invest on website if Amazon is efficient enough to give high revenue stream ? ?
  30. 30. Repricer Keywords SIZE Relevant Reading Some Tools
  31. 31. THANKS! Any questions? Find me at: @OnlineSellerUK Email: Landline: 029 2236 2596 Mobile: 0751 88 39629