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Amazon and eBay accounting - FD Analytical


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Adam from FD Analytical talks accounting procedures for online business in our Manchester Online Seller Meetup.

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Amazon and eBay accounting - FD Analytical

  1. 1. Web: Email: Tel: 0800 49 68 666
  2. 2. Online Accounting the “Traps & Opportunities” for YOUR online business Chartered Accountants Online Business Specialists About us: First online client back 2006 One of few , true, UK accountants specialising in the online sector Web: Email: Tel: 0800 49 68 666
  3. 3. THE JOURNEY, STAGE 1 – THE BUSINESS STRUCTURE Tax Rates & Charges Liability Admin. Requirements 20% (min) + national ins. Personal 19% (and reducing?) Company Running cost Business Credibility? Web: Email: Tel: 0800 49 68 666
  4. 4. UK Sales Measuring what your turnover IS – (not what clears your bank account!) How the VAT threshold works and how you know when you’ve crossed it! EU Sales & Stock (Local) VAT registration required for businesses with stock holding in Amazon FBA warehouses (unless for a specific customer) VAT Threshold levels in EU are sometimes significantly lower that UK! EU VAT reporting requirements are NOT always quarterly – sometimes monthly Non UK or EU sales (USA, ASIA etc) THE JOURNEY, STAGE 2 – VAT (!)
  5. 5. Funding for business AND personal mortgages are available for online businesses, if; They are prepared correctly as a business They are prepared, signed and authorised by a chartered accountant Many online businesses suffer cashflow issues as a result of; Significant stock holdings Lead time on stock holdings (often means a huge amount of cash is “tied up” in stock) Rapid growth THE JOURNEY, STAGE 3 – WORKING CAPITAL & FUNDING Web: Email: Tel: 0800 49 68 666
  6. 6. Business / Company Sale: What is the sales value – multiple of profits? Who is going to buy YOUR business? Going for Growth: Obtaining Finance for….. Purchase of assets or equipment Purchase of stock THE JOURNEY, STAGE 4 – BUSINESS SALE OR GO FOR GROWTH? Is the business saleable? Purchase of premises or warehouse Web: Email: Tel: 0800 49 68 666
  7. 7. How can we help your online business Take away the worry from business owners All of our fees are FIXED and payable MONTHLY Produce strong and accurate accounts & financials Offer client genuine commercial & business advice and support Web: Email: Tel: 0800 49 68 666