May2010 cq53-worldwide-tour


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CQ 5.3 seminar series in Q1/Q2 2010

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May2010 cq53-worldwide-tour

  1. 1. Enabling an Agile Organization Kevin Cochrane, CMO Day Software – May 2010
  2. 2. It’s a New Web. Transform. global brand brochure web revenue driver what? Photo by kgelster -
  3. 3. If Not You, Who? ...and win. Hello, Your Their Buy Customer Prospect World Now! Not that far
  4. 4. The The The The The Business Online CMO CIO CMS User Marketer Developer Caught: The Non-Agile Organization
  5. 5. Seth says: «Marketing is like French Fries» Release Visitors -> Continuous action Inter sight -> Users Improvements -> In Quote from
  6. 6. Seconds to Engage Photo by Leo Reynolds -
  7. 7. Understanding Users Intend 1 2 3 Tagcloud: Eastern Tagcloud: Eastern Shop Ea Entry: Homepage Keyword: Promotion Browse Eastern Decoration Entry: Homepage Keyword: Promotion Entry: Homepage History: IKEA Eastern Decoration Keyword: Eastern Decoration History: IKEA History: IKEA Hello You Browse vs. Shop? Matching Content
  8. 8. Context is Dynamic
  9. 9. Each Interaction = User Insight ‣ Current & past site history, comments, ratings ‣ Past behavior, purchases, preferences ‣ Associations with user community Are You Learning from Each are youthe How ng for Interaction? optimizi user next ent? engagem
  10. 10. The New New Bottleneck Developer Marketer delay
  11. 11. Marketing Power-play ...and win. Identify Campaign Buy Now! Real-time Real-time Insight & Optimization & Segmentation Response
  12. 12. Define Segments
  13. 13. High quality content
  14. 14. Instant Feedback
  15. 15. «First do it, right, then do it then do it fast.» Waterfall On-premise om Dev d Cust -base vs. Cloud? -> Sprints -> Cloud ices Serv
  16. 16. Rapid Dev - Fast Sprints Start SVN Setup IDE, Maven? The correct IDE Check-out classpaths etc. Find maven version It builds! the something !@#$ Why doesn’t Yippee! maven repo changed... it build? Deploy into Test Do *actual* Commit to Complain CQ Deployment work (code) SVN to colleagues.
  17. 17. Self-build? or Leverage (private) Cloud-hosted Apps share 1 2 1 1 n&oad) wes l apps duodat ( p
  18. 18. Sharing Components
  19. 19. Instant On? Period CPUs? Internet Connectivity? SAN / NAS Agreements Sizing Investment Purchase Order Cores? Disaster Recovery Backup Rack space How much Disk? Operating systems JVM Version root access? Clustering What Filesystems? Hosting costs Firewall Network Zone Performance Tuning Unix Sysadmins Load Balancer IP Address Who authorized this? Configuration Web Server Latency Shipping Date Hardware Request Form
  20. 20. Guaranteed Response Time? CLOUD
  21. 21. mm Geoff Reis ch Jackg on Mesha arketin s CIO s Online M
  22. 22. “The audience will not come to us. We have to go to it .... is the place that gives you context, the bottom line”
  23. 23. ‣ Web 2.0 experience leveraging rich media and social networks for driving traffic, ad sales for topical content, sites ‣ 100% Cloud-hosted for on-demand scalability up to 5M page views per day ‣ 5-week time-to- market with no upfront data center build-out costs
  24. 24. Build-out Data Center Build from Ground-up Get It Right First Time Best Guess Intent Observe. Learn. Adapt. Profile. Network. A Fresh, Agile Photo by Silus Grok - Approach
  25. 25. Agility Matters. For Business, For Authors, For Developers, For Infrastructure