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Presentation by Paul Kohlhaas, Linumlabs, Founder of Molecule - The next evolution of drug development


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Paul Kohlhaas, CEO of the blockchain company Linumlabs, presented the software platform Molecule. It creates a crypto marketplace unlocking open source mechanisms in drug development, enabling the distribution of cost, risk and ownership. Too ambitious a vision? Check out the alpha version promised for Q3 2019!

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Presentation by Paul Kohlhaas, Linumlabs, Founder of Molecule - The next evolution of drug development

  1. 1. April 2019 The next evolution of drug development
  2. 2. ❏ Software development and consulting in blockchain since early 2016. ❏ Team of 18 programmers, product designers, scientists, entrepreneurs. ❏ Basel, Cape Town, Berlin. ❏ Focus on healthcare & identity solutions. ❏ Pilot development, training, consulting. Previous clients: Our Company
  3. 3. Molecule Protocol enables the distributed research, development and funding of chemical intellectual property Molecule is a distributed marketplace for price discovery, funding and curation of drugs and therapeutics in various stages of development. Our mission is to distribute cost, risk and ownership of drug development, unlock open source innovation mechanisms and bring more diverse treatments to patients.
  4. 4. Drug Development Today... 1. $2.3bn average cost 2. 10 years, 0.002% success rate 3. Rising drug prices 4. Innovation lowest in decades 5. Patient trust lowest in decades Does it have to be like this?
  5. 5. Why? Drug development is where software development was 30 years ago.
  6. 6. R&D Today ● Research and development is entirely closed source ● Capital requirements are very high ● Patents disincentivize openness and collaboration ● Negative data isn’t published, reproducibility crisis The Solution. Open Source R&D + Distributed Ownership. +
  7. 7. A Distributed Innovation Marketplace: Develop Drugs Collaboratively in the Open Shares Funds Patients Universities Investors PharmaSell-Side Buy-Side - Early-stage IP Pre-Patent Patent Unpatented - Mid-Stage IP - Dormant IP
  8. 8. A radical new way of discovering, crowdfunding and developing drugs IP creators create public markets for novel or existing intellectual property and access liquidity, crowd-funding, price discovery, and incentivize open collaboration. Small R&D firms, from biotech to pharma, can take their IP public, access crowdfunding, liquidity and the attention of the crowd. Scientists or academic research groups can bring their IP into the commons to assess its viability using the knowledge of the crowd, collaborate on its R&D and access funding. Large pharma companies can offload shelved IP into open markets, re- discovering value of dormant unactivated assets and collaborate openly with patients and researchers to restore trust.
  9. 9. We are building a community in Basel and need feedback and support. We are launching an Alpha in Q3 19. Our Alpha Product
  10. 10. The next evolution of drug development @Molecule_to Basel, Switzerland Berlin, Germany Cape Town, South Africa Contact us for more information |