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Plush pets to chatbots digital nudges in healthcare


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Presentation at DayOne Experts event on digital nudges and behavioral economics in healthcare in Basel 11 April 2018

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Plush pets to chatbots digital nudges in healthcare

  1. 1. From Plush Pets to Chatbots Digital Nudges in Healthcare April 11th 2018 | DayOne Innovation Hub Basel Maurice Codourey UNIT X | xperts on demand for Neurocommunications
  2. 2. 2 Invitation to a learning world The «didactic morpheme» as per Kösel (1993); following a planned structure & drift zones/learning paths (chreodes), discovering & collecting knowledge, the teacher is a support unit Kösel, E 1993, Die Modellierung von Lernwelten. Ein Handbuch zur Subjektiven Didaktik, Laub, Elztal-Dallau. Constructivistic Didactics
  3. 3. 3 The hospital is an engaged neighbour > 7fold Parcours Nudge: Reduce fear
  4. 4. 4 Playful encounter with simulated hospital processes > at the hospital’s Open Door Days, 2011 (Big Day) > 2700 visitors, 6 hours, 230 plush pets treated > 2013: 1200 visitors, 205 plush pets treated (Small Day) > Höngger Wümmetfäscht 2013: 10k+ festival visitors, > 300+ plush pets treated, 2 days, the road show version > Publication 2013: > Teddyklinik is a registered Trade Mark of Stadtspital Waid at, licenses agreed with other hospitals, additional strategy field «Quartier» embedded Teddy Klinik Stadtspital Waid
  5. 5. From Unplugged to Mobile The digitized Nudge Shift
  6. 6. 6 2017; category People’s Choice The Ogilvy Nudge Awards The Quit Smoking Chatbot > Challenge: Improve «Stoptober» Campaign in its 5th year The Nudge & the Chatbot
  7. 7. 7 The yearly 4 weeks campaign «We needed to distract them, boost their resolve and help them beat those cravings» World’s first quit smoking chatbot, daily mobile messages to keep quitters motivated - the bot shared hints & tips interacting with quitters, SOS function Outcome 3,000 people stay quit throughout Stoptober, no media spend, 92% of survey respondents found the tool helpful, 75% claimed they were now smokefree > general info NHS Public Health > Stoptober
  8. 8. Libertarian Paternalism, Choice, Digital Shift UNIT X | Workshops and Projects | clinical documentation & collaboration project West Pom. University of Technology Szczecin | Lectures