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Personalized Health Basel


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Presentation at DayOne event 28th Feb 2018

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Personalized Health Basel

  1. 1. a joint project organization of Thomas Geiger, PhD Personalized Health Manager, University of Basel Personalized Health Basel (PHB)
  2. 2. Personalized Health Basel (PHB) T. Geiger (University of Basel) - „Personalized Health Basel“ - 28.2.2018 - DayOne Experts Event PHB Executive Board (strategic & operational leadership) Chair: Prof. R. Skoda Vice-Chairs: Prof. M. Christ-Crain Prof. C. Pauli-Magnus Prof. U. Frey PH Manager: Dr. T. Geiger PHB Steeering Committee University: Prof. A. Schenker-Wicki (President) Prof. T. Gasser (Dean Medical Faculty) USB: Dr. W. Kübler (Director) Prof. C.A. Meier (CMO) Active project groups Chairs PHB Extended Board (advisory) Prof. S. Gasser (FMI) Prof. M. Hall (Biozentrum) Prof. K. Borgwardt (D-BSSE) Prof. M. Fussenegger (D-BSSE) Prof. E. Constable (Rektorat) Prof. P. Schär (DBM, Med. Dekanat) Prof. G. Christofori (DBM) Prof. M. Tolnay (Pathologie) Prof. K. Rentsch (Labormedizin) Prof. S. Cichon (Med. Genetik) Prof. D. de Quervain (Psychiatrie) Prof. C. Hess (Medizin) Prof. L. Kappos (Medizin) Prof. C. Müller (Medizin) Prof. W. Weber (Chirurgie) Prof. C.R. Meier (Pharmazie, USB) Prof. T .Schwede (SIB) Scientific Board Prof. S. Gasser Prof. M. Hall Biobanking Prof. R. Skoda Prof. C. Müller Clin. Data Warehouse Prof. C. Pauli-Magnus M. Strasser ELSI Dr. J. Müller
  3. 3. Active PHB Research Clusters T. Geiger (University of Basel) - „Personalized Health Basel“ - 28.2.2018 - DayOne Experts Event Oncology Infectious Diseases Prof. M. Bentires PD Dr. A. Wicki SPHN Driver Project Industry collaborations Monthly seminar series PD Dr. A. Egli Prof. M. Battegay SPHN Driver Project Local projects Dr. Cristina Golfieri ( Chairs: Activities: PHB Research Coordinator:
  4. 4. SPHN & PHRT Projects in Basel T. Geiger (University of Basel) - „Personalized Health Basel“ - 28.2.2018 - DayOne Experts Event Category Project Title PI Co-Applicants Basel Other Applicants SPHN & PHRT Driver Personalized Swiss Sepsis Study (PSSS) A. Egli S. Marsch, M. Siegemund, M. Battegay, C. Dehio, K. Borgwardt USZ, CHUV, HUG, Inselspital, ETHZ SPHN Driver Swiss Personalized Oncology (SPO) M. Bentires-Alj O. Michiélin (CHUV) A. Wicki, W. Weber, J. Passweg, A. Zippelius, M. Heim, V. Heinzelmann, L. Terracciano, T. Sengstag, J. Willers, K. Borgwardt , N. Beerenwinkel USZ, ETHZ CHUV, HUG, Inselspital, SAKK, EPFL SPHN Driver SFNR: Swiss Frailty Network and Repository H. Bischoff (USZ) R. Kressig USZ, CHUV, HUG, Inselspital, SPHN & PHRT Driver PRECISE: Identification of biomarkers and therapeutic targets in inflammatory disease immunotherapy M. Claassen (ETHZ) D. Kyburz, T. Derfuss ETHZ, USZ, CHUV, Inselspital SPHN Driver Population-wide screens of the immune repertoire: a reverse personalized-medicine approach A. Aguzzi (UZH) A. Papassotiropoulos, D. De Quervain USZ, ETHZ, PSI SPHN Infrastr. Dev. Natural Language Processing -powered mapping of clinical reports onto SNOMED-CT concepts for tumour classification T. Fabbro A. Wicki, B. Stieltjes, R. Achermann, M. Scharfe, USZ SPHN Infrastr. Dev. Development and Implementation of a Nationwide Harmonized Interactive Electronic General Consent Solution Ch. Pauli-Magnus R. Saccilotto, M. Pfister USZ, CHUV, HUG, Inselspital, SCTO, PedNet SPHN Infrastr. Dev. Development of a governance and quality management system for exchange of patient related data for research purposes J. Willers T. Fabbro, Ch. Pauli-Magnus USZ, University Bern, SCTO SPHN Infrastr. Dev. Harmonising the collection of health-related data and biospecimens in paediatric hospitals throughout Switzerland C. Kuehni (Bern) U. Heininger Swiss Childrens’ Hospitals, PedNet PHRT PM/PH Research Genetically engineered humanized mice for personalized drug discovery in cancer immunotherapy S. Reddy (D-BSSE) PHRT Tech. Translation Single cell genomics core C. Beisel (D-BSSE)
  5. 5. PH Alliance Basel-Zurich T. Geiger (University of Basel) - „Personalized Health Basel“ - 28.2.2018 - DayOne Experts Event June 18-21 ETH Zurich
  6. 6. Stay informed T. Geiger (University of Basel) - „Personalized Health Basel“ - 28.2.2018 - DayOne Experts Event PHB – Info mailing list: Cristina Golfieri PHB Research Coordinator Thomas Geiger PH Manager