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Horizon 2020 general principles, euresearch, susanne daniel, march 2019


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Presentation to DayOne accelerator on European funding for start-ups by Susanne Daniel Euresearch

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Horizon 2020 general principles, euresearch, susanne daniel, march 2019

  1. 1. Horizon 2020 How it works – structure and principles How Euresearch can support March 14, 2019 Susanne Daniel Company Advisor Euresearch Office Basel Basel – Switzerland
  2. 2. How Euresearch can support Dr. Susanne Daniel ▪ Euresearch Basel ▪
  3. 3. Anita Soltermann Head of Office Swiss National Science Foundation, General Research Policy Eve Silfverberg Research Advisor, Deputy Head ERC, SNSF Eccellenza, Health, Food/ Agriculture, FET Caroline Peneff Research Advisor MSCA, SNSF Ambizione / PRIMA, SSH, FET, Energy / Climate Team Grants Office Uni Basel Susanne Daniel Company Advisor, Research Advisor NMBP, ICT + Security, IMI, FET, Innosuisse Luca Wacker Grants Manager, Research Advisor US Projects, Grants Management Dr. Susanne Daniel ▪ Euresearch Basel ▪
  4. 4. Euresearch = Swiss Guide to European Research & Innovation Euresearch is the Swiss network mandated by the State Secretariate for Edcuation, Research and Innovation (SERI) to provide targeted information, hands-on advice and transnational partnering related to European research and innovation programmes. Dr. Susanne Daniel ▪ Euresearch Basel ▪
  5. 5. Network Regional Offices (10 regions) • Your main point of contact Network Office (Bern) • National Contact Points SwissCore (Brussels) • lobbying Dr. Susanne Daniel ▪ Euresearch Basel ▪
  6. 6. WE CONNECT • Newsletter • E-Alerts • Topic previews • Programme factsheets • Basic information and training • Updates via social media • Information on targeted open calls and topics • Idea check, opportunity advice • Assistance on first steps for an application • Project management support • Partner search support • Close connection to Enterprise Europe Network Euresearch services Targeted information Hands-on advice Transnational partnering Dr. Susanne Daniel ▪ Euresearch Basel ▪
  7. 7. Dr. Susanne Daniel ▪ Euresearch Basel ▪ Register for thematic e-alerts und event-alerts
  8. 8. Finance your innovation – Event April 4, 2019 in Basel Non-dilutive funding opportunities for Startups and SMEs Presentations on: Horizon 2020, Eurostars, Technology Fund, Innosuisse Project winners and consultants will complete the picture April 4, 2019, 15.30 – ca. 19.30 Messturm, Messeplatz 12 in Basel Register here Dr. Susanne Daniel ▪ Euresearch Basel ▪
  9. 9. General Principles in Horizon 2020 Dr. Susanne Daniel ▪ Euresearch Basel ▪
  10. 10. Strengthen the European Union’s economy and faces societal challenges A boost for new jobs, growth and investment Horizon 2020 – 8th EU Research and Innovation Programme Dr. Susanne Daniel ▪ Euresearch Basel ▪
  11. 11. Duration: 2014 – 2020 Budget ca. 80 billion Euro (7 years) Ca. 20% of the budget is foreseen for SMEs Switzerland is fully associated Horizon 2020 – 8th EU Research and Innovation Programme Dr. Susanne Daniel ▪ Euresearch Basel ▪
  12. 12. 2018-2020 ca. 30 bn still available Dr. Susanne Daniel ▪ Euresearch Basel ▪
  13. 13. Two call principles: Top-down programmes: EC has identified the challenges - Collaborative projects Bottom-up programmes: Free choice of topics - Individual funding, SME-Instrument etc. Horizon 2020 – 8th EU Research and Innovation Programme Dr. Susanne Daniel ▪ Euresearch Basel ▪
  14. 14. Societal Challenges (SC) 29,7 bn Climate/Environment (SC5) Inclusive Societies (SC6) Energy (SC3) Transport (SC4) Health (SC1) Food (SC2) Security (SC7) Excellent Science 24,4 bn Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) Research Infrastructures Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) European Research Council (ERC) Industrial Leadership 17 bn Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies: • NMBP: Nanotechnology Advanced Materials Biotechnology Manufacturing & Processing • ICT • Space Access to risk Finance Innovation in SME 3 Pillars in Horizon 2020 top-down and bottom-up Dr. Susanne Daniel ▪ Euresearch Basel ▪
  15. 15. Participant Portal and Work Programmes Dr. Susanne Daniel ▪ Euresearch Basel ▪
  16. 16. The Participant Portal  Participant Portal of Horizon 2020  tenders/opportunities/portal/screen/ho w-to-participate/how-to-participate  One Work Programme for each of the societal challenge (Health, ICT, Energy etc.), MSCA, ERC etc. Dr. Susanne Daniel ▪ Euresearch Basel ▪
  17. 17. The Work Programme (WP)  Formal document of the European Commission that sets out research objectives and topics of a specific theme. Topic description with “Specific challenge, Scope, Expected Impact”, to which applications can be submitted.  Topic conditions and documents: time frame for submission of proposals (deadlines) Funding scheme (type of action) indicative budget and funding limits evaluation procedure special requirements for consortia Dr. Susanne Daniel ▪ Euresearch Basel ▪
  18. 18. g- tenders/opportunities/portal/scr een/how-to- participate/reference-documents Find Work Programmes in Participant Portal or ask Euresearch Dr. Susanne Daniel ▪ Euresearch Basel ▪
  19. 19. Call: Digital Transformation in Health and Care Topic example: Big data and Artificial Intelligence for monitoring health status and quality of life after the cancer treatment Call: Information and communication technologies Topic example: Supporting the emergence of data markets and the data economy …….and many others Examples for calls and open topics Dr. Susanne Daniel ▪ Euresearch Basel ▪
  20. 20. Topic description Specific Challenge – this sets the context, the problem to be addressed, and why intervention is necessary. Scope – this delineates the problem, specifies the focus and the boundaries of the potential action but without overly describing specific approaches. Expected Impact – this describes the key elements of what is expected to be achieved in relation to the specific challenge. Type of action - sets out the funding schemes (e.g. Research and Innovation action, Innovation actions etc.). Indicative Budget for the topic Dr. Susanne Daniel ▪ Euresearch Basel ▪
  21. 21. Research & Innovation Action (100% funding) collaborative research projects with defined scientific and technological objectives mainly in basic research Innovation Action (70% funding for SMEs, 100% for academia) collaborative research projects for activities closer to the market (prototyping, testing, demonstrating, piloting) Coordination and Support action (100% funding) For dissemination, communication, networking, coordinating activities, online community (no research) SME-Instrument, FTI, Prizes Common funding schemes (types of action) Dr. Susanne Daniel ▪ Euresearch Basel ▪
  22. 22. Application procedure Start a project Dr. Susanne Daniel ▪ Euresearch Basel ▪
  23. 23.  Find a relevant work programme and open call and a topic  For a Collaborative Project:  Find partners: Minimum of three partners from three different countries - one is the coordinator  Build a consortium: you provide an international consortium of experts the best solution to the identified problem Application procedure Dr. Susanne Daniel ▪ Euresearch Basel ▪
  24. 24. Application procedure cont.  Be aware of the application deadline  Discuss IP rights, patents, access rights etc.  Agree on work packages and tasks  Define budget / partner  SMEs are especially welcome to participate  Every proposal will be evaluated by at least three evaluators  Evaluation report will be sent to consortium after 5 months Dr. Susanne Daniel ▪ Euresearch Basel ▪
  25. 25. Project start after a positive evaluation  Ca. 3 more months to signatures of contracts:  Grant Agreement: legal binding document between the participants (beneficiaries) and the European Commission  Consortium agreement: private agreement between the beneficiaries to set out the rights and obligations amongst themselves. EC is not a partner.  Start the project (management by coordinator)  Receive first payment (via coordinator)  Make sure you have professional project management Dr. Susanne Daniel ▪ Euresearch Basel ▪
  26. 26. - Usually ca. 7-15 Partners from different countries - Ca. € 3-5 Million budget - 30-48 months duration Funding rates: 70% or 100% plus 25% overhead How does a typical collaborative project look like? Dr. Susanne Daniel ▪ Euresearch Basel ▪
  27. 27. Frame work conditions  Reporting: Annual work progress and financial reports have to be delivered (through the coordinator)  Open Access to data is a general rule; there are «opt-out» options  All projects, partners and budgets are published on  EU has a network of ca. 5000 evaluators  Success rates: 5 – 25 % depending on topic and instrument Dr. Susanne Daniel ▪ Euresearch Basel ▪
  28. 28. Award criteria 1. Excellence (min 4 points/max 5 points)  Ground-breaking nature (e.g. level of ambition, beyond the state-of-the-art, novel approach, addresses challenge, … )  Conceptually robust; trans-disciplinarily considered 2. Impact (min 4/max 5)  Addressing the expected impacts listed in the WP under the relevant topic  Enhancing innovation capacity and integration of new knowledge  Effectiveness of the proposed measures to communicate the project, disseminate and/or exploit the project results, and appropriate management of IPR 3. Quality and efficiency of implementation (min 3/max 5)  Coherence and effectiveness of the work plan, including appropriateness of the allocation of tasks and resources  Competences, experience and complementarity of the individual participants, as well as of the consortium as a whole  Appropriateness of the management structures and procedures, including risk management Dr. Susanne Daniel ▪ Euresearch Basel ▪
  29. 29. Tipps to write an application  Start as early as possible  Take time to read call texts and docs on the Participant Portal  Focus on the objectives  Make the abstract as attractive as possible  Take care of the budget and the related role of partners  IP management is central to the evaluation of the impact of the proposed project  Put yourself in the role of an evaluator  A strong proposal contains a solid project plan, of which progress can be successfully monitored by a clear set of deliverables and milestones. Dr. Susanne Daniel ▪ Euresearch Basel ▪
  30. 30. Joint Technology Initiatives Dr. Susanne Daniel ▪ Euresearch Basel ▪
  31. 31. JTIs are public-private partnerships involving industry, research community and public authorities to pursue common ambitious research objectives. Clean Sky, Bio-based Industries, Fuel Cells and Hydrogen JU, ….. and others Joint Technology Initiatives (JTI) Dr. Susanne Daniel ▪ Euresearch Basel ▪
  32. 32. Dr. Susanne Daniel, Company Advisor Northwestern Switzerland Public-Private Partnership between EU and EFPIA (European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations). Goal: to develop next generation vaccines, medicines and treatments, incl. new antibiotics. Budget IMI2 (2014-2024): 3,3 Bill. Euro  = + JTI – IMI: Innovative Medicines Initiative Dr. Susanne Daniel ▪ Euresearch Basel ▪
  33. 33. How to find partners? How to be found by others? Dr. Susanne Daniel ▪ Euresearch Basel ▪
  34. 34. Enterprize Europe Network, www.swisseen.chEEN: on-line database contains over 2,500 technology profiles from companies and R&D organisations from over 60 countries in Europe and beyond. New profiles are added daily. Find partners exploiting your technology (Technology Database) Find partners providing a technological solution to your need (Technology Offers, Technology Requests) Offer your expertise and find partners for technology and Research Cooperation (EU funding) Dr. Susanne Daniel ▪ Euresearch Basel ▪
  35. 35.  Cordis, a Database to find running and closed EU-funded projects incl. partners in the consortia  Tender&Funding Portal - How to participate, Partner search participate/partner-search  Enterprise Europe Network http://www.enterprise-europe General databases Dr. Susanne Daniel ▪ Euresearch Basel ▪
  36. 36. Topic specific databases for partner search ICT: Ideal-IST, Societal Challenges: Net4Society, Nanotechnology, Advanced materials, Biotechnology: NMBP TeAm Transport: ETNA Plus, Climate, Environment, Resource Efficiency, Raw Materials: CaRE Security: Innovative Medicines Initiative Partner Search Tool Dr. Susanne Daniel ▪ Euresearch Basel ▪
  37. 37. Many thanks for your attention Dr. Susanne Daniel ▪ Euresearch Basel ▪