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Animation costs


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Animation costs

  1. 1. ANIMATION RATES FOR PRODUCTIONS UTILISING ANIMATION (CEL, SAND/PAINT ON GLASS, PUPPET, CLAYMATION AND COMPUTER GENERATED IMAGING TECHNIQUES) Producer Director Production Designer Fee to be individually negotiated, but not less than the equivalent of £696 per 40-hour week SFX Rostrum Cameraperson Art Director (Visual Developer) Production Manager Editor £615 per 40-hour week or equivalent Character Designer £125 per character; contract should include a copyright clause which enables the Character Designer to benefit from the commercial success of an original character including a share in the profits of any spin-off programming or merchandising Model (Lighting) Cameraperson Senior model Animator £653 per 40-hour week Key Animator (including glass, cgi and comparable techniques) £653 per 40-hour week Storyboard Artist Layout Artist Minimum fee £3,777 per 10 minutes of animation; higher rates for longer boards and particularly complex work Senior 3d/2d Computer Animator Artworking Animator £622 per 40-hour week SFX Designer Set Maker Model Animator Computer Animator Model Costume Designer Model Set/Prop Designer £592 per 40-hour week Background Artist Minimum £623 for simplest work; higher rates according to complexity 2d Animator £592 per 40-hour week Computer Animation Compositor £561 per 40-hour week Studio Manager £528 per 40-hour week
  2. 2. Dubbing Editor Rostrum Cameraperson Production Co-ordinator Assistant Model Animator Assistant Model Designer Assistant Model Maker Assistant SFX Designer Assistant Rostrum Cameraperson Colourist Checker Supervisor Paint and Trace Computer Department Supervisor Assistant Background Artist £491 per 40-hour week Assistant 2d Animator £491 per 40-hour week Clean-up Artist (Storyboard and layout) £1867 per 10 minutes of animation higher rates for more complex work Rendering Artist Computer Rendering Artist £486 per 40-hour week Inbetweener £486 per 40-hour week Tracer Colour Mixer £467 per 40-hour week Xerox/Cel Machine Operator £467 per 40-hour week Cel Painter Computer Colouring Artist £454 per 40-hour week Production Assistant £420 per 40-hour week Assistant Editor £410 per 40-hour week Video Line Test Operator Computer Background Artist Computer Scanner Operator £374 per 40-hour week + locally agreed productivity bonus Runner £215 - £280 per 40-hour week depending on experience. A runner's job is to provide general and messenger services to the production as a whole and they should receive training and supervision on any animation-specific duties These rates do not include the cost of materials, special skills or specialist equipment and additional payment should be negotiated for these. If the work is to be done off the employer's premises, the rates should acknowledge the additional costs of space, heating, lighting, telephone, and other overheads. It may also be appropriate for work with extremely tight deadlines to have an additional premium applied to acknowledge the costs of this in terms of the individual's resources and time.