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Blog planning


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Art Forms blog planning

Published in: Education
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Blog planning

  1. 1. Exploring Art forms By Dayan Del Castillo
  2. 2. Public This blog is addressed to 3rd graders. Ages: 8-9 years old
  3. 3. Environment Methodology Children are beginners and they are related with English in almost all of their subjects at school. These kids mostly have an extraordinary talent drawing and painting, also they show interest to know about some other artistic expressions, they are so creative. This blog is a great strategy to engage students to work in their linguistic ability through a topic which is interesting for them. The blog is a mean of reinforce teacher´s lessons in class; however it intends that student develop independent learning.
  4. 4. Topic Students are going to be able to describe main characteristics about Art forms, reinforcing some Vocabulary Adjectives Verbs Prepositions Past tense, Simple present and To be verb
  5. 5. Resources