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Have you ever CELEBRATED failure? We build a new culture of failure. The Day for Failure is an international celebration of failure which takes place on October 13th.

Visit http://dayforfailure.com/
Also Follow us on Twitter @dayforfailure

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  1. 1. The InternationalDay for Failure
  2. 2. Anyone who has never failed hasn’t done anything new - Albert Einstein
  3. 3. Let us tell you something you already knowOur culture does not accept failure But… why?
  4. 4. ’ Image: Erkua
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  6. 6. Fear of failure prevails like a virus The result is…No timely Discouraged Massiveaction for bold actions sufferingsproblems and new starts and stigmas
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  8. 8. Let’s re-shape our culture for failureThe one that accepts fear of failure, and understands it as a learning experience and a natural part of starting anything new or bold.
  9. 9. In order to make it happen, We must Celebrate Failure
  10. 10. Two years ago in Finland, we started our first The Day for Failure to celebratefailure and promote understanding of failure as a learning experience anda natural part of starting anything new or bold.With a vision to eventually make October 13th a national flag-raising day, we’veinterviewed most well-known figures and gathered people together to share theirfailure stories and lessons learned.To our surprise, extensive media coverage and attention from public followed.Last year, we saw 80,000+ views for our videos, 300+ personal failure storiesshared, as well as 35+ articles covered by major newspapers. Given a smallpopulation of Finland, this was no small number.Since then, we came to truly believe in our powerto make the difference and aspire to amplify ourimpact on a global scale.
  11. 11. We invite you to be part of this meaningful journey and get involvedwith any activities possible to celebrate The International Day forFailure in your own region.There are tons of ways to celebrate the day! Workshops at organizationsFailure-sharing party with like school or company Public events family and friends For a more detailed guideline, visit our website
  12. 12. Join us and make impact bigger The partners who made possible success of last year
  13. 13. Spread the words to your friends Become Partners to organize eventsFollow us on Website, Facebook, and Twitter
  14. 14. Thank you Anyone interested in the event, visit our website to learn moreFor questions and feedback, send an email to info@dayforfailure.com Brought to you by Photo Credits: Flickr CC (Erkua, LibertyGrace(), USAG-Humphreys) & Wallbase