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Rankers List

  1. 1. SRI VENKATESWARA COLLEGE (UNIVERSITY OF DELHI) Ref No : SVC/Admn/2009/P/ 18th March, 2009 Given below is the list of the students who have secured highest Marks at the Delhi University Annual Examinations held in April, 2008 and obtained Rank in Sri Venkateswara College/University of Delhi South Campus/University of Delhi. FIRST RANKS IN THE UNIVERSITY OF DELHI S.No. Name of the Student Name of the Course 1. Niharika Jaiswal B.A.(Hons)Sociology I Year 2. Anjali Sharma B.Sc(Hons)Chemistry III Year 3. Tanushree Mukharjee B.Sc(Hons)Biological Science I Year 4. Astha Narag B.Sc(Hons)Biological Science II Year 5. Upasna Thapar B.Sc(Hons)Biological Science III Year 6. Avantika Lal B.Sc(Hons)Bio-Chemistry I Year 7. Hemant Sahni B.Sc(Hons)Bio-Chemistry III Year 8. Hem Prakash Thukral B.Sc(Hons)Electronics II Year 9. Ajeesh MS B.Sc(Hons)Electronics III Year 10. Kritika Kirty M.Sc (Final Year) Zoology SECOND RANKS IN THE UNIVERSITY OF DELHI S.No. Name of the Student Name of the Course 1. Aparajita Kumar B.A.(Hons)Sociology I Year 2. Aparna Wahi B.A.(Hons)Sociology II Year 3. Nilamber Chhetri B.A.(Hons)Sociology III Year 4. Sneha Gupta B.A.(Hons)Mathematics III Year 5. Ami Choubey B.Sc(Hons)Botany III Year 6. Priya Gupta B.Sc(Hons)Zoology I Year 7. Upasana Maheswari B.Sc(Hons)Biological Science I Year 8. Praneet Kaur Vasdeva B.Sc(Hons)Biological Science II Year 9. Sandhya G B.Sc(Hons)Biological Science III Year 10. Vinita Bharat B.Sc(Hons)Bio-Chemistry I Year 11. Jatin Nagpal B.Sc(Hons)Bio-Chemistry III Year 12. R.Smriti B.Sc(Hons)Electronics I Year 13. Shubhra Gupta B.Sc(Hons)Electronics II Year 14. Rathik Bansal B.Sc(Hons)Electronics III Year 15. Rohit Singhal B.Sc(Hons)Statistics III Year Contd Page…..2/…..
  2. 2. Page…..2/….. THIRD RANKS IN THE UNIVERSITY OF DELHI S.No. Name of the Student Name of the Course 1. Nitin Bharihoke B.A.(Hons)Mathematics I Year 2. Khyati Dogra B.A.(Hons)Sociology II Year 3. Jyoti Kumari B.Sc(Hons)Biological Science I Year 4. Jasneet Kaur Suri B.Sc(Hons)Biological Science II Year 5. Evanka Madan B.Sc(Hons)Biological Science III Year 6. Surya G B.Sc(Hons)Biological Science III Year 7. Tanvi Deora B.Sc(Hons)Biological Science III Year 8. Avani Shukla B.Sc(Hons)Bio-Chemistry I Year 9. Veena Anjana Jagannathan B.Sc(Hons)Bio-Chemistry II Year 10. Yogesh Bisnoi B.Sc(Hons)Electronics I Year 11. Manisha B.Sc(Hons)Electronics II Year 12. Mridul Sakhuja B.Sc(Hons)Electronics II Year 13. Nisha Bohra B.Sc(Hons)Mathematics II Year 14. Shiwani Raghav B.Sc(Hons)Mathematics II Year FIRST RANKS IN THE UNIVERSITY OF DELHI SOUTH CAMPUS S.No. Name of the Student Name of the Course 1. Nupur Jain B.Com II Year 2. Jyoti Gupta B.Com(Hons) II Year 3. Mamta Adhikari B.Com(Hons) III Year 4. Rituparna Sengupta B.A.(Hons)English I Year 5. Shailendra Kumar Singh B.A.(Hons)English II Year 6. Mehak Vasal B.A.(Hons)Political Science II Year 7. Kamini B.Sc(Hons) Physics I Year 8. Priyanka Ohri B.Sc(Hons)Chemistry I Year 9. Gautam Sharma B.Sc(Hons)Chemistry II Year 10. Shivika Mathur M.A.(Previous Year) English 11. S.Shivaraman M.Sc (Previous Year) Statistics 12. Nikita Setia M.A./M.Sc (Previous Year) Mathematics 13. Parul Takkar M.Sc (Final Year) Statistics 14. Pragati Malik M.Sc (Previous Year) Chemistry 15. Vartika Tomar M.Sc (Final Year) Chemistry 16. Alka Gupta M.Sc (Previous Year) Botany SECOND RANKS IN THE UNIVERSITY OF DELHI SOUTH CAMPUS S.No. Name of the Student Name of the Course 1. Nisha Hans B.Com II Year 2. Shikha Manchanda B.Com III Year 3. Manpreet Kaur B.Com(Hons) II Year 4. Shilpi Saxena B.Com(Hons) III Year 5. Disha Kheterpal B.A.(Hons)Economics II Year 6. Nidhi Wadhwa B.A.(Hons)Economics II Year 7. Pranav Sidhwani B.A.(Hons)Economics II Year 8. Vipul Dutta B.A.(Hons)History III Year 9. Aakash Bhatia B.A.(Hons)Political Science I Year Contd Page…..3/…..
  3. 3. Page…..3/….. SECOND RANKS IN THE UNIVERSITY OF DELHI SOUTH CAMPUS 10. Natasha Mitra B.A.(Hons)Political Science II Year 11. Kanika Sharma B.Sc(Hons)Physics I Year 12. Shalini Kukreti B.Sc(Hons)Chemistry II Year 13. Richa Arora B.Sc(Hons)Chemistry III Year 14. Nidhi Nair B.Sc(Hons)Zoology II Year 15. Tarjani Agrawal B.Sc(Hons)Bio-Chemistry II Year 16. Himani Katyal B.Sc(Hons)Mathematics I Year 17. Preeti B.Sc(Hons)Mathematics II Year 18. Nidhi Chugh M.A./M.Sc (Previous Year) Mathematics 19. Chavi Gupta M.A./M.Sc (Final Year) Mathematics THIRD RANKS IN THE UNIVERSITY OF DELHI SOUTH CAMPUS S.No. Name of the Student Name of the Course 1. Vaibhav Rajour B.Com II Year 2. Swati Billa B.Com (Hons)I Year 3. Ashima Gupta B.A.(Hons)English II Year 4. Shivani Dalal B.A.(Hons)Sanskrit II Year 5. Kayonaaz Kalyanwala B.A.(Hons)Sociology II Year 6. Mohini Singh B.Sc Life Science I Year 7. Priyanka Vaid B.Sc(Hons)Physics I Year 8. Himani Sharma B.Sc(Hons)Physics II Year 9. Ayushi Paliwal B.Sc(Hons)Physics III Year 10. Pooja Singh B.Sc(Hons)Chemistry I Year 11. Jyoti Yadav B.Sc(Hons)Chemistry III Year 12. Samta Marwaha B.Sc(Hons)Zoology I Year 13. Sita Priya Moorthi B.Sc(Hons)Zoology II Year 14. Ankita Dua B.Sc(Hons)Zoology III Year 15. Ruchi Jhonsa B.Sc(Hons)Bio-Chemistry II Year 16. Saumya Sachdev B.Sc(Hons)Bio-Chemistry III Year 17. Anuradha Sen B.Sc(Hons)Electronics III Year 18. Kaushal Kumar B.Sc(Hons)Mathematics II Year 19. Tushar B.Sc(Hons)Mathematics III Year 20. Reetika Sarkar B.Sc(Hons)Statistics II Year 21. Chhavi Kuntal M.A.(Previous Year) History 22. Poonam Chauhan M.A./M.Sc (Previous Year) Mathematics FIRST RANKS IN SRI VENKATESWARA COLLEGE S.No. Name of the Student Name of the Course 1. Aswathy Saju B.A. (Programme) I Year 2. Devvart Singh B.A. (Programme) II Year 3. Lekhavat Suresh B.A. (Programme) III Year 4. Ankita Mahajan B.Com 5. Chelikani Uttara Varma B.A.(Hons)English III Year 6. Dimple Dodial B.A.(Hons)Hindi I Year Contd Page…..4/…..
  4. 4. Page…..4/….. FIRST RANKS IN SRI VENKATESWARA COLLEGE 7. Anuja Handa B.A.(Hons)Hindi II Year 8. Pradeep Kumar B.A.(Hons)Hindi III Year 9. Sheetal B.A.(Hons) Sanskrit I Year 10. Satveer Singh B.A.(Hons) Sanskrit III Year 11. Anisha Sondhi B.A.(Hons)Economics I Year 12. Kanika Wadhawan B.A.(Hons)Economics I Year 13. Debashish Bhadra B.A.(Hons)Economics III Year 14. Srishti Lakhanpaul B.A.(Hons)History I Year 15. Apurva Tripathi B.A.(Hons)History II Year 16. Anwesha Dutta B.A.(Hons)Political Science III Year 17. Meha Kapoor B.A.(Hons)Mathematics II Year 18. Ashish Sharma B.Sc Life Science II Year 19. Preeti Kundnani B.Sc Life Science II Year 20. Manish B.Sc (General) III Year 21. Ranauk Kaushal B.Sc(Hons)Botany I Year 22. Ritika Tewari B.Sc(Hons)Botany II Year 23. Himanshu Verma B.Sc(Hons)Statistics I Year 24. Sushmita Chakraborty M.A.(Final Year) English 25. Anusuya M.A.(Previous Year) Sanskrit 26. Suchitra Bharti M.A.(Final Year) Sanskrit 27. Rishu Bala M.A.(Final Year) History 28. Kumar Priyabrat Pandey M.Sc (Final Year) Physics 29. Sulekha Kumari M.Sc (Previous Year) Zoology 30. R.Preethi One Year PG CC in Tourism & Travel Management 31. Ruchi Bajaj One Year PG Dip in Bio-Chemical & Mole Technology Dr (Ms) P.Hemalatha Reddy Principal Copy to:-  Section Officer (Administration)  Dealing Assistants (Administration  Notice Board  File.