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  1. 1. El Coqui Restaurant Coqui is a very popular frog in Puerto Rico that has a high Pitched-Call.
  2. 2. Restaurant Theme: Hispanics Target Market: Hispanic [Most likely Puerto Rican People] Demographics: All genders, Puerto rican or any other kind of race, Income of $29,000-$49,000 ages 21 and up, Education Level-Any, Physical or mental disability. Cuisine: Carribean Competitors: Punta Cana, Arpa, Sole Spanish grill, and Cantina 1511 Marketing Mix: Product- Healthy Menu and Normal Menu(Product comes directly from Puerto Rico) Price- Strategy; Ensure affordability and attract widest section of customer Promotion-Publicity, Using Public opportunities to attract people to the restaurant. Public Relations, Increase Exposure With General Public Relations with People Place-Restaurant small places behind the counter in food preparation area, these areas are designed for efficency equipment is placed close together to cut down on wasted movement and energy Dine Style: Fine dining Wine specialty: California, Spain Dress: Business or Casual Reservations: Not Necessary, But can be made
  3. 3. Location: 901 S Kings Dr. Charlotte,Nc 28204 Operation Hours: Mon-Thurs (9:00 am - 11:00pm) Friday- Sun (9:00am-12:00am) Restaurant Information breakfast hours: 9:00am - 11:00am El Coqui
  4. 4. Menu Main Dishes: Arroz con pollo-$13 Mofongo de bistec, camarones o pollo-$15 Pernil con arroz-$19 Marisco con tostones-$15 Arroz con camarones-$17 Arroz con pollo,moro y maduros-$18 Filet al sarten con arroz amarillo-$17 Suppon de pescado-$14 Asopao-$15 Carnes, Marisco y Pollo: Chuletas-$15 Fillet Mignon-$18 Churrasco-$17 Bistec-$12 Pechuga de Pollo-$12 Salmon al sarten-$18 Costillitas-$9 Carne Frita-$9 Carne Guisada-$9 Accompanates: Yucca frita o al vapor-$4 Ensalada de papa-$7 Papas Frita-$6 Tostones-$6 Maduros-$5 Mofongo-$6 Agucate-$4 Pure de papa-$5 Arroz con gandules-6 Appetizors and Desserts: Empanadas de Carne,Camarones,Pollo O Jamon y queso-$2 Flan-$4 Empanaditas de guyaba y queso de crema-$4 Pudin de Chocolate-$4 Cake de ron de Miami-$6 3 leche-$4 Frutas-$4 Bebidas: Coke Pepsi Sprite Moutain Dew Sweet Tea/Regular Tea Sunkist Fanta
  5. 7. Furniture & equipment Chandaliar Estimated Amount Spent On all : $10,250.00
  6. 8. This Restaurant is a mix of herbs and spices, used to have the best puerto rican cuisine. With the magnificent sounds of music form the beautiful island, delightful living room dining room decor, and fantastic service which takes you back to la Isla De Encanto [Delightful Island] Bienvenido a mi casa, tu casa Welcome to my house, your House El Coqui About El Coqui Puerto Rican is a unique tasty blend of spanish african, Taino and american influences. The original inhabitants of the island, who thrive on a diet of corn, tropical fruit, and seafood. Soups are also popular beginning for meals in Puerto Rico. The aroma that wafts from Kitchens throughout Puerto Rico comes from adobo and sofrito, which was blends of verbs and spices that give this native food different taste and color. Puerto Rican Instruments