The history of animation


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The history of animation

  1. 1. KoKo the ClownKoko the Clown was created by the animationpioneer, Max Fleischer in 1919 but became verysuccessful in 1921 when Fleischer Studios wasborn.Koko the Clown was created at the same time hecreated Rotoscope which allows the characters tomove more smoothly and life-like.Rotoscoping was an animation technique createdmy Max Fleischer. Rotoscoping is tracing overeach line for each frame to make the movementmore smooth so it looks more appealing to theeye.
  2. 2. Humorous phasesof funny facesHumorous phases of funny faces is a silent cartooncreated in 1906, created by J. Stuart Blackman. Filmhistorians refer to it as the first animation film inhistory.The cartoon itself features drawn faces on a chalkboard coming to life.The animation actually features cut out animationand is 20 frames per second.
  3. 3. Gertie the DinosaurGertie the dinosaur is a short black andwhite animation made in 1914 byWinsor McCay. It was number 6 of thetop 50 greatest cartoons of all time in a1994 survey of animators and cartoonhistorians.It was actually originally created to beUsed in McCay’s vaudville performances.Gertie the Dinosaur was also an animation that was created using theCel animation techniques.
  4. 4. Felix the CatFelix the Cat was originally created by Otto Messmer in1919 with it’s first appearance in 1919 and it’s firsttelevision.Felix the cat is a bold black and white cat with wide eyesand a wide grin. The only colourful part of the cat animationitself, is the red tongue colour.Since the air of Felix the Cat there has been a number ofoccurrences of Felix with other characters, for exampleFelix has been featured with Charlie Chaplin.
  5. 5. South ParkSouth Park is an American animation television seriescreated by Matt Stone and Trey Parker.South park’s first few animations weremade by cut-out animation, althoughthe majority of the South Park seasonsare made on digital programs.South Park contains a number ofcharacters (around 100).Matt and Trey created South Park in1992 and 1995, but they first aired iton television in 1997.
  6. 6. Mickey MouseMickey Mouse is a cartoon character created in1928 by Walt Disney.Mickey Mouse was originally cel animationthroughout the stages of his first appearance,although modern appearances of MickeyMouse will most likely be animated digitallyanimated on a computer.Mickey Mouse is originally seen to wear yellowshoes, red shorts and white gloves, but you willprobably see him with different appearances inthe modern cartoons.
  7. 7. The Corpse BrideThe Corpse Bride is a animation film, createdand directed by Tim Burton, released in 2005.The film itself was made using model animationwhich consists of a large number of pictures withthe clay models moved slightly each and everytime.The set and models itself were actually made inManchester.
  8. 8. Steamboat WillieSteamboat Willie was Mickey Mouse’s firsttelevision appearance. This first appearance ofMickey’s made him what he is today.Steamboat Willie first aired in 1928 and fromthen on Mickey mouse has become nothing but acartoon legend.Steamboat Willie was originally made using celanimation, but in the modern occurrences ofMickey, you will most likely see him computergenerated.
  9. 9. King Kong (1933)King Kong (the original) is about an island –dwelling ape who fails to possess a beautifulwoman.Since the original was made in 1933 there havebeen multiple appearances of King Kong,Including Godzilla vs. King Kong and a remakeOf King Kong (2005).The 1933 version was very sluggish and jerky, due tothe low rate of frames per second.The idea for King Kong came from a sculpture madein 1887 (to the right) which entitles a huge apeabducting a young woman.
  10. 10. Tom & JerryTom & Jerry began in 1947 and by 1952, therehad been 120 odd Tom and Jerry shorts made.In 1960 the film Tom & Jerry go to Hollywoodwas released (the first film featuring the two).Tom and jerry was made entirely of cel animation
  11. 11. Snow white and the seven dwarfs Snow white first came into view in 1937 Made up entirely of cel animation One of two animated films to be in the top 100 greatest American films ever made Features 8 main characters – Happy, Sleepy, Sneezy, Grumpy, Doc, Bashful, Dopey and of course Snow White.
  12. 12. Animation Pioneers
  13. 13. Walt DisneyBorn December 5th 1901, died December 15th1966Walt Disney is the creator of all original DisneycharactersFamous American film producer, director,screenwriter, voice actor, animator, entrepreneur,international icon, philanthropist.Most famous for his earliest and most successfulcharacters such as Mickey Mouse / SteamboatWillie
  14. 14. Emile CohlEmile Cohl was born January 4th, died January20th 1938Most known for being an animator and cartoonistKnown for making ‘The Father of the AnimatedCartoon’ and ‘The Oldest Parisian’.
  15. 15. Winsor McCayBorn September 26th 1869, died July 26th 1934A famous animator and artistFamous for creating ‘Gertie the Dinosaur’Worked with Walt Disney during his early work
  16. 16. Max FleischerBorn July 19th 1883, died September 11th 1972He was a pioneer in the developmentMost famous for creating – Betty Boop, KoKo theClown, Popeye and SupermanHe was the head of Fleischer Studios.
  17. 17. Eadward MuybridgeBorn April 9th 1830, died May 8th 1904Most famous for creating the first stop motion ofthe moving horseWas originally an English photographer, but hehad moved to America for most of his life
  18. 18. Ray HarryhausenBorn June 29th 1920Famous for being a American film producer andspecial effects creatorHe won an academy award for his animation‘Mighty Young Joe’ with pioneer Willis O’BrienCreator of Jason and the Argonauts
  19. 19. The Brothers QuayBorn June 17th 1947 (Identical twins)‘The Quay brothers’ – Stephen and TimothyQuay are known for being stop-motionanimators, film directors and animatorsThey were given the Drama Desk Award foroutstanding set design
  20. 20. Tim BurtonBorn August 25th 1958American film director, producer, writer, artist,animatorFamous for his dark, gothic themed films such as–Corpse Bride, Beetle Juice, The NightmareBefore Christmas, Edward Scissor Hands,Sleepy hollowWon the award – 2008 Best Director, SweeneyTodd – the Demon Barber of Fleet. Street
  21. 21. AardmanFounded in 1972 by Peter Lord and DavidSproxtonFamous for users of CGI animation, Clayanimation and stop-motionThe Studio is known for holding the famoustelevision program – Wallace & Grommit andMorph.
  22. 22. PixarPixar Animation Studios is an American computerfilm studio..Pixar animation Studios are very famous fortheir CGI films such as Toy Story 1 & 2, A Bug’sLife and Monsters Inc.Known for using Photorealistic effects in theirfilms to make them look more life-like
  23. 23. Terry GilliamTerrence Vance Gilliam was born November21nd 1940Originally born in AmericaFamous for being a screen writer, film director,animator and an actorThe only member of the Monty Python comedywho wasn’t actually born in Britain.
  24. 24. Warner BrosOne of the major film studiosWarner Bros has several subsidiary companieswith over eleven studiosThey have done a lot of work with PixarFounded in 1918 as Warner Brother Studios,1923 as Warner Brother PicturesFounded by Jack Warner, Harry Warner, AlbertWarner, Sam Warner