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Kristine hall


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Kristine hall

  1. 1. Unit 1 performance 10-25-2012
  2. 2. Jonas couldn’t see color . Jonas had problems dealing with pain from all of the bad memories.JPG The world that he thought he lived wasn’t what he thought it was. He didn’t like the world he lived in. THE GIVER
  3. 3. JONASJonas started to seecolorHe gave some of hismemories to his babybrotherThe giver and Jonaswanted to share thememories with thecommunityHe ran away with hisbaby brother
  4. 4. SEVENTH GRADE He liked this girl but it was hard for him to be with her He promised himself that Teresa was going to be his girl this year He said he new French
  5. 5. VICTORHe lied and said hecould speak FrenchWhich made himable to be with Teresa
  6. 6. THERETRIVEDREFORMATI-ON JIMMYVALENTINEJimmy was in jailJimmy was in jailbecause he robed abank
  7. 7. JIMMY VALENTINE He meet the woman of his dreams and said he with give up his tools for her He started his ownJPG shoe store He used his tools for good not bad
  8. 8. REFLECTIONS PAGE They all overcame there adversity by not lying
  9. 9. bibliography Literature book The giver book