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Jonathan Battle


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Jonathan Battle

  1. 1. Ms. Dawson 5th Period 10/23/12
  2. 2. Jonas(The Giver)Jonas is chosen to be the next "Giver" because of how different he is. Mainly his eyes, and how he starts to see things in flashes of color. So he begins as the receiver in training. The current "Giver" starts with him slowly, passing along memories for Jonas to receive and as they progress he experiences what life used to be, he feels pain and war and love and family and becomes upset that their life in the community is so different and that no one can experience any of that. He hates the sheltered lifestyle and it becomes a burden for him because he alone is the one who has to take all the memories so that the community wont experience any of them.
  3. 3. How Jonas perseveres throughadversity. What happens is he and the giver make a plan to release memories back to the community, which will then have a strong need for the giver again. Jonas decides to leave the community and once he does, memories that he held will all be there for the community. They start training for this by the Giver giving Jonas specific memories. Jonas is also upset that Gabriel, the baby who stayed with his family and also has the same gift as Jonas, is going to be killed, so he takes the baby with him when he runs away. He and Gabe run away. The memories are released to the community and their all vulnerable to all the new feelings, Jonas and Gabe live happy the rest of the way.
  4. 4. Victor(The 7th Grade) Victor has a crush on this girl and he is tries to get her to be his girlfriend. The problem is he does not know how. So sense the girl is in his French class, he tries to impress her with acting like he knows French. He makes up stuff to make the girl think he is speaking French.
  5. 5. How Victor perseveres throughadversity Victor perseveres through adversity by giver the girl French lessons and having a study date with her so that they can become good friends. Then everything can run smoothly as long as he knows French and studies it.
  6. 6. Adam(Zebra) The problem is he loves running and while he ran he got hit by a car. He was hurt and his hand was in pain. He could not run again.
  7. 7. How Adam Perseveres throughadversity Adam goes through the pain and keeps running.
  8. 8.  Jonas: Runs away and gives memories to people so giver can help them Victor: Teaches girl of dreams how to speak French Adam:
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