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ela jaylen b

  1. 1. Jaylen Benjamin10/27/12MS. DAWSON6TH/ELAPERFORMANCE TASK
  2. 2. Jonas The Giver, Jonas: Problem- In The Giver Jonas faces the problem of his whole life being a lie.- He learns this when he turns 12, and is given the job of the receiver.- As the receiver Jonas learns the truth about the Sameness, Weather Control, Release, and the Memories.
  3. 3. The Giver, Jonas: Resolution- Jonas solves his problem by leaving the community.- During his escape Jonas experiences hunger and he must constantly hide from the community’s search plane.- Finally at the end of Jonas journey he finds civilization.
  4. 4. Lance Armstrong : Problem- Lance’s Problem is that he is diagnosed with Cancer.- While in the hospital Lance meets as he describes a “Angel” like nurse.- Lance is unable to ride his bike, or race, because hes in the hospital
  5. 5. Lance Armstrong: Resolution- Lance’s Resolution is that he continued to take chemotherapy
  6. 6. Zebra: Problem- Zebra’s Problem is that he loved to run, but one day he was running downhill too fast and he got hurt.- The Doctors told Zebra he would never run like he was able to ever again.
  7. 7. Zebra: Resolution- Zebra meets John Wilson- John convinces Zebra to join his art class.- In Art Zebra no longer feels so bad.
  8. 8. Reflection  All these character overcame their problems by persevering. Jonas continued on even when things got tough in his escape. Lance battled through cancer, and continued racing, and Zebra tried new things instead of continuing to be depressed.
  9. 9. Resources  The Giver  ELA book  Google