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Dennecia's Project


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Unit Performance Task :)

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Dennecia's Project

  1. 1. Dennecia Crawford Oct. 25, 2012 Unit 1 Performance Task 4th period
  2. 2. Jonas, The Giver Jonas problem was that the became the new receiver and could no longer express his feelings because no one would understand.
  3. 3. How does Jonas persevere? Jonas realizes that the perfect community that he lives in, is not so perfect after all. He decides that he would like for everyone to experience what he felt as the new receiver. So he breaks the rules and in the end is very successful.
  4. 4. Adam Zebrin, Zebra Adam, or Zebra, loved to run. One day he was running down his favorite hill and a car was approaching him. He did not see the car and was hit. Zebra was told that his arm may never heal and he may never be able to run like before ever again.
  5. 5. How does Zebra persevere? Zebra perseveres through art and the help of a friend. The art teacher helps Zebra to stop being sad and depressed. Zebra learns how to make cool things and has helped the art teacher in return by giving a gift that he will take to the memorial for his friend. In the end, Zebras arm heals and Zebra becomes happier than hes been in a while.
  6. 6. Jimmy, A Retrieved Reformation Jimmy who is released from prison is given a second chance. He changes his name and hides his past forever.
  7. 7. How does Jimmy persevere? Jimmy decides to live a normal, honest life. When there is an emergency and Jimmy is the only one who can crack the safe, Jimmy has to use his problems for good. Although everyone is shocked, Jimmy is glad that he did the right thing.
  8. 8. Reflections Page Jonas: Jonas perseveres by  Jimmy: Jimmy perseveres by using realizing that certain that may a skill that was used for bad, to be seem perfect are not so perfect, turned into a skill that is used for and someone has to change the good. rules. Zebra: Zebra perseveres by finding a new interest that he enjoys.
  9. 9. Works CitedImages From: Google ImagesJonas Info From: The Giver, By Lois LowryOther information is from my Literature Book.