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Pakistan most famous fashion clothing company for Men,women & Children

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Junaid jamshed

  1. 1. Individual Presentation<br />Abbasi Dawood<br />Brand name: <br />Index<br /><ul><li>Introduction
  2. 2. Book references
  3. 3. Company’s Review
  4. 4. Marketing Strategies
  5. 5. Conclusion
  6. 6. References</li></ul>Introduction<br /><ul><li>Marketing, the most successful field of business world which identifies the needs & wants of the people, creates strong customer relationship, determines the way to introduce a product into the market place. It is not about providing the services to the customer but marketing differentiates it by providing essential benefits in changing customer’s desire. Marketing is all about managing and organizing everything in a proper manner; it makes learnt how to deal with customer and how to maintain customer relation in a smooth manner. Being organized and managed person I am interested in “Marketing Field”. </li></ul>Book References<br />I have thoroughly referred the book as per my chosen topics and few points which are suitable for my project i.e. “Chapter 10: Competitive Strategy”; “Chapter 11: Product & Branding Strategy”; “Chapter 13: Marketing Services”. As my project is related to branding so it’s all about “Chapter 10”;Competitive strategies like competitor analysis in which have to identify competitor’s objectives & strategies. Designing a competitive intelligence system identifying the vital types of competitor information and the best sources of this information. Approaching to marketing strategy ; each company must determine what makes the most sense given its position and its objectives, opportunities & resources. Junaid Jamshed being the famous garment company of Pakistan is the market leader which has market leader strategies. Being very famous product sold in Pakistan; Chapter 11 is all product & branding strategy. Product quality is one of the marketer’s positioning tools; quality has a direct impact on product performance. Poor design can result in lost sales and embarrassment. At the same time packaging & labelling has very important impact when it comes to product & branding strategies. In “Chapter 13” its all about marketing services. This brand includes nature & characteristic of a service. Managing service quality is one of the major ways firm can differentiate by delivering consistently higher quality than its competitors.”Customer retention is, perhaps, the best measure of quality”.<br /><ul><li>Company’s Review
  7. 7. Junaid Jamshed, was a very famous Pakistani recording artist. In 2004, he launched his own garment company namely “Junaid Jamshed” which is nowadays the famous and reputed leading company in Pakistan. In a short time span of 3 years, Junaid Jamshed has built credibility in the market as a designer wear outlet for men and women with a unique range of products. J. helps people build an elegant image that is in sync with their cultural and social values.
  8. 8. The Core Values : The distinct core values of J. define the company, its products and its customers; whether internal or external. J. identifies strongly with indigenous cultural values and traditional ethos produced in its products with sophistication. Dying crafts from centuries past like gota and block print are being revived at J. to present a glorious local heritage to the world in an aesthetic package. Quality is never compromised upon at J. whether in a fabric, its cut or its stitching. In fact attention is paid to finer details; nickel free buttons are used on all Kurtas as nickel is environmentally friendly, all Sherwanis are handmade to achieve finesse, imported thread of a finer thread and strength is used in all products which ensures no puckering or tearing at the stitch. Innovation is unbridled with the introduction of new products; abayas and fragrances in the Pakistani market being a case in point. Finally, J. believes in unflinching integrity towards satisfying the customer.
  9. 9. Marketing Strategies</li></ul>When it comes to marketing strategies; J. Company has focused on every aspect related to marketing. Its true that what if the product or brand is great but satisfying customer is not too easy. This company came with a simple philosophy i.e.  "The greatest good for the greatest number of people". This shows that how they are more concerned about satisfying customer needs. Relating to the book “there is no better advertisement than a satisfied customer and nothing worse than a dissatisfied one”. When it comes to advertisement and market relationship, this company has emphasized in producing quality clothes that all the main shareholder in the exchange market started investing it them and all most every famous celebrity of music and sports started wearing their brand. Its just because of their brand quality related to book as it is marketer’s major positioning tools. It has direct impact on companies performance that’s why from last few years J.company has been adjudged as the “brand of the year”. Every company is providing same clothes but one thing which makes them different from others is their style & design which is another way to attract and add customer value. When its comes to “first mover strategy”, J. has also been the first to launch a designer brand of perfumes for both men and women. The collection of mesmerizing fragrances consists of both attars and perfumes some of which go back over a century in their formulation technique. Pakistan being very cultural and social country, J.  helps people build an elegant image that is in sync with their cultural and social values.<br />Conclusion<br />In a short time span of 5 years, Junaid Jamshed has built a name and goodwill in the market as a fashion designer wear outlet for men and women with a unique range of products. Junaid Jamshed's fashion outlet was founded in 2002 and is Headquartered in Karachi.  Rest of the outlets are 14 spread across Pakistan in all major cities and also in London.<br />References: <br /><ul><li>http://www.junaidjamshed.net/aboutus.html
  10. 10. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Junaid_Jamshed#References
  11. 11. http://www.junaidjamshed.info/about-junaid-jamshed.html