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Visual Resume + Quick Case Studies


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Overview of my products, services, and proof of success in market research, branding and content strategy.

Published in: Marketing
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Visual Resume + Quick Case Studies

  1. 1. PERSUASION IS MY VOCATION DAWN WEATHERSBEE CONTENT STRATEGIST COMMUNICATION THAT MOTIVATES ACTION When I taught literature, I communicated to de-escalate conflict, motivate improved performance, and encourage better life choices. When I was a fundraiser, I communicated for the purpose of maintaining income and creating new donor relationships. Today, I use persuasive rhetoric and images to tell your business’ story and attract your target customers. I MAKE IT PAINLESS FOR YOU When my clients say it’s easy and painless to work with me, I attribute their positive experience to my career path. I have continually studied and practiced effective communication my entire adult life. Encouraging my audiences to take a specific action, and making them glad to do so, has been my life’s work. CASE STUDY Golden Chiropractic: Rebrand and Content Strategy Since 2015: we have boosted sales, increased online customer engagement, increased awareness, and steadily grown market share PROVEN PROCESS PRODUCTS SERVICES 1. IDENTIF Y BUSINESS OBJECTIVES 2. MARKET RESEARCH 3. DEVELOP CONTENT 4. DETERMINE METRICS 5. PROMOTE CONTENT 6. EVALUATE PERFORMANCE 7. RETURN TO STEP 1 BRAND GUIDE DEVELOPMENT: Identify your unique place in the market. BLOG CONTENT STRATEGY: Create a perception of value and relevance. EMAIL MARKETING CONTENT STRATEGY: Create and maintain a relationship of value for you and your customer. MARKET RESEARCH: Identify what your customers want and how to reach them. CORE MESSAGE STRATEGY: Inspire your target audience to take action. WHITE PAPER AND CASE STUDY DEVELOPMENT: Prove your solution, value, and relevance. PITCH AND REPORTING DECK STRUCTURE: Demonstrate and sell success. RESEARCH COPY WRITING CUSTOM GRAPHICS L ABOR SOURCING PROJECT OVERSIGHT “Dawn is superb when it comes to marketing and branding. She has a knack for visualizing the big picture and ensuring all the pieces line up to make things happen.” - RYAN DOUGL A S , OWNER, POTENT WRITING “We chose Dawn to help develop the label look and messaging we wanted for our brand because she understood our company mission and the market we were trying to reach right away. Dawn is also very easy to work with, enjoys seeing her clients succeed, and adds value to anything she is involved with.” - BRIAN PETERSON , OWNER, E A STSIDE INDUSTRIES 29 new customers monthly on average 56% monthly average increase in blog visits 32% monthly average increase in referrals to website from Facebook Read more case studies >> A+
  2. 2. GOLDEN CHIROPRACTIC: REBRAND + CONTENT STRATEGY Visit the Golden Chiropractic Website RESULTS 284 NEW Patients in 2016 10% INCREASE in New Patients 2015-2016 20% INCREASE in Office Visits 2015 - 2016 Blogging Visual Identity Define Markets Develop Messages Events Marketing Email Newsletter Social Media New Location New Markets No Brand Strategy “You might be pleased to know that my I pretty much reached my 2015 year-end visit and new patient numbers by Sept 1st 2016. Significant growth. ” ~ Dr. Goldi “Without Dawn, there’s no way I’d be clear in my message or professional in my presentation…Dawn’s footprint is everywhere.” ~ Dr. Goldi Case Study: Identity & Messaging © Dawn Weathersbee 2017 “I didn’t know what I was getting into in terms of the rebrand process. Dawn knew what I needed even though I didn’t know what I needed.” ~ Dr. Goldi No Content Strategy SOLUTIONS Update Brand StrategyAttract Different Markets Create Marketing Plan Sales to New Patients Increased Overall Sales PROBLEMS Reach Different Markets
  3. 3. CABÉZA ADVERTISING: BRAND GUIDE & SALES COLLATERAL Visit the Cabéza Advertising Website RESULTS Clarity, Efficiency, Productivity Clear & Targeted Representation Market Research Brand Guide Brand Personas Source Designer No Identity Systems Current Branding Felt Stale Case Study: Identity & Marketing Systems © Dawn Weathersbee 2017 “She asked thought-provoking questions about my business. It provoked me to draw an image. She communicated the vision to a graphic artist who created a graphic that is now on the web page and entire back side of our business card.” ~ José García, President “My sales person loves the way that the company looks. He feels that these pitch and report decks are better than what he was using at a larger agency. The graphic of the gear is a powerful tool that I use at almost every project meeting that I have with a prospect.” ~ José García, President “Her curiosity is her strongest skill. What spins off of that is her ability to dive into your business to find out what is an ideal customer for you. She identified three different customers for me, and what my message should be. That brings a lot of clarity.” ~ José García, President Lack of Brand- Specific Messaging SOLUTIONS Create Brand StrategyLack of Direction Update Visual Identity Informed Strategy Elevated Image PROBLEMS Outdated Logo & Colors Image Confidence Ready to Level Up Core Messages Effective Sales CollateralData Visualization
  4. 4. FLYING EYES: BRAND GUIDE Visit the Flying Eyes Website RESULTS Clarity, Efficiency, Productivity Clear & Targeted Representation Market Research Brand Personality Brand Personas Core Messages Company-Centered Vision No Targeted Focus New Markets Dissatisfied with Current Marketing Firm’s Approach “We are using the brand guide when dealing with other agencies; to create a sale sheet for distributors and retailers; and to develop media kits for journalists writing reviews of our products. And it’s the basis for updating our website. ” ~ Dean Siracusa, President & Founder “We’re a niche eyewear company. Having this one branding guide that gets the point across no matter who you are--it’s all here, the identity of the company. When she got that done, I was sold.” ~ Dean Siracusa, President & Founder Case Study: Identity © Dawn Weathersbee 2017 “Dawn listens clearly enough so she can ask follow-up questions and get a really good idea what your company is about. I’ve worked with a lot of marketing companies and she is the first one who really asked the right questions.” ~ Dean Siracusa, President & Founder Lack of Brand- Specific Messaging SOLUTIONS Create Brand StrategyLack of Direction Research & Design Informed Strategy Confident Direction PROBLEMS Poor Representation Image Confidence Delegation Capability Source Designer