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Quick Case Study on Brand Strategy


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Lifestyle Brand: I both solved an identity crises and improved promotional operations with this brand guide.

Published in: Marketing
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Quick Case Study on Brand Strategy

  1. 1. FLYING EYES: BRAND GUIDE Visit the Flying Eyes Website RESULTS Clarity, Efficiency, Productivity Clear & Targeted Representation Market Research Brand Personality Brand Personas Core Messages Company-Centered Vision No Targeted Focus New Markets Dissatisfied with Current Marketing Firm’s Approach “We are using the brand guide when dealing with other agencies; to create a sale sheet for distributors and retailers; and to develop media kits for journalists writing reviews of our products. And it’s the basis for updating our website. ” ~ Dean Siracusa, President & Founder “We’re a niche eyewear company. Having this one branding guide that gets the point across no matter who you are--it’s all here, the identity of the company. When she got that done, I was sold.” ~ Dean Siracusa, President & Founder Case Study: Identity © Dawn Weathersbee 2017 “Dawn listens clearly enough so she can ask follow-up questions and get a really good idea what your company is about. I’ve worked with a lot of marketing companies and she is the first one who really asked the right questions.” ~ Dean Siracusa, President & Founder Lack of Brand- Specific Messaging SOLUTIONS Create Brand StrategyLack of Direction Research & Design Informed Strategy Confident Direction PROBLEMS Poor Representation Image Confidence Delegation Capability Source Designer