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Persona: the Pragmatist


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Overview of one of my client archetypes. Example of the development of a B2B persona.

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Persona: the Pragmatist

  1. 1. Persona: PRAGMATIST Wants Alone Time to Create: Hires Effective Communicators
  2. 2. Persona Archetype: PRAGMATIST •  Inspires people to build new things in sustainable ways •  Creates space for joy, celebration, learning, and relaxing •  Prioritizes healthy and high quality over trendy and disposable.
  3. 3. •  Runs own company: construction/landscaping/ farming/sustainable product development •  Lives a simple life •  Plain spoken •  High on integrity •  Works with conviction •  Prefers to be alone with nature over lots of people •  Prefers organic and eco-friendly practices •  Very laid-back •  Takes things slowly and consistently •  Very talkative in person, very sparse in electronic communications •  Prefers phone over text, and text over email •  Has been successful for many years, established in their specific field for 3-5 years. •  Able to invest a minimum of $1000 a month in outreach and implementation.   Overview Archetype: PRAGMATIST
  4. 4. •  General Contractor •  Welding Cooperative Owner •  Artisanal Product Developer •  Organic Farmer •  Free-Range Rancher •  Eco-Friendly Architect •  Arts or Crafts Studio Owner •  Organic Skin Care Line Producer •  Niche Lifestyle Brand Possible Professions Archetype: PRAGMATIST
  5. 5. Support the growth of the appropriate professional network, the development of strategic and effective use of communications platforms, and brand development, by engaging in market research, planning and executing market outreach, and developing appropriate marketing collateral.  My Key Function Archetype: PRAGMATIST
  6. 6. 4 3 2 1 Long-Term Goals Marketing Needs Marketing Solutions Success Indicators ICON In-Depth Needs
  7. 7. 1 PRAGMATIST Long-Term Goals •  To build retirement income from vision and work •  To work with trustworthy people •  To find the right people to develop and implement the vision •  To be working on craft, not marketing •  To build and maintain an eco-friendly/sustainable product
  8. 8. 2 PRAGMATIST Marketing Needs •  Keeping to a consistent marketing plan with measureable goals •  Maintaining consistent visual identity on marketing platforms: from social media imagery to website: needs cohesive, consistent look
  9. 9. 2 PRAGMATIST Marketing Needs •  Strategy using modern communications platforms •  Increased network of relevant stakeholders •  Communications skills in the information economy
  10. 10. 3 PRAGMATIST Marketing Solutions •  Building the right messages and maintaining communications on the proper platforms •  Hire the right consultants and creatives to take outreach to the next phase •  Create the right connections, and guide the process in connecting with people
  11. 11. 3 PRAGMATIST Marketing Solutions •  Set up structures & groundwork for ease of communication •  Develop marketing plan •  Develop marketing collateral •  Develop workflows •  Hire appropriate labor •  Make appropriate introductions
  12. 12. 4 PRAGMATIST Success Indicators •  Ever widening network of relevant connections and qualified labor •  Development of brand identity based on market research •  Continued development of the business •  Development of criteria from big picture outcomes to specific deliverables and timetables
  13. 13. Effective Product and Message Development Pre- and Post-Launch Long-Term Value to PRAGMATIST Strong foundation based on market research, strong brand foundation, and the development of key relationships for successful product launch.
  14. 14. Real World Client Success Timothy Foss Owner, Blue Sage Villa
  15. 15. Client: Tim Foss •  Aspires to build an eco- friendly events center in Central Texas. •  Acts as sole proprietor and visionary. •  Background in xeriscaping and passive solar construction.  
  16. 16. •  Brand Development •  Brand Management •  Network Development •  Network Management •  Project Management   Overview of Services Blue Sage Villa
  17. 17. Development of Brand Collateral •  Logo •  Brand Voice •  Brand Colors •  Brand Mission •  Brand Vision •  Pitch Video Success Indicators Blue Sage Villa
  18. 18. Relationship Development with Key Stakeholders & Database •  Wedding Planners •  Event Managers •  Creatives •  Market Researchers •  Architects Success Indicators Blue Sage Villa
  19. 19. Success Indicators Blue Sage Villa Completion & Implementation of Market Research •  Competitive Analysis •  Marketing Plan o  Target Markets o  Emerging Markets o  Advertising Channels o  Key Personnel
  20. 20. Development of the necessary relationships, data, collateral and reporting to make Blue Sage Villa attractive to investors. Success Indicators Blue Sage Villa
  21. 21. 4 3 2 1 Brand Development Brand Management Network Development Project Management Services In-Depth
  22. 22. 1 Brand Development •  Manage logo design •  Manage development of primary brand colors •  Write script for pitch video •  Develop brand personality •  Develop brand voice •  Develop brand mission & vision
  23. 23. 2 Brand Management •  Develop social media content •  Develop print collateral o  Explanatory handouts o  Business cards •  Acquire stock images •  Customize company images •  Write video script •  Design master slide deck •  Develop content for pitch deck •  Edit photos •  Develop newsletter content •  Edit presentations for content and voice •  Write job descriptions
  24. 24. 3 Network Development •  Develop database of wedding planners •  Develop relationships with wedding planners for research •  Develop awareness of project with current network •  Hire market researchers •  Hire creatives •  Hire virtual assistants •  Hire videographer •  Introduce to key architect network •  Develop relationships with adverting platforms
  25. 25. 4 Project Management •  Oversee development of pitch deck •  Oversee development of visual identity •  Oversee development of web content •  Oversee market research •  Oversee development of marketing plan •  Oversee venue naming contest •  Develop and maintain database
  26. 26. Building the Communications Foundation for Future Success Long-Term Value to Blue Sage Villa •  Develop strong and trusted relationships with stakeholders. •  Create database and records of communications for future growth. •  Develop venue design criteria based on market research.
  27. 27. Thanks for Considering Me!